Crystal Ballin’ UM’s 2012 Recruiting Class (5/28/11)

The first list had 20 kids. I’m thinking that we end up with somewhere around 22, but to make it easier for me I’m making it 24.

Alden Hill1. QB – Tyler O’Connor. Still no offer. UM is probably waiting on Gunner Kiel’s decision before they offer another QB.

2. RB – Alden Hill. Unless OSU goes down pretty hard we aren’t going to get Dunn, so Hill might be our best option eventually.

3. WR – Aaron Burbridge. Michigan has pulled even with Sparty, possibly even nosing ahead. He has some work to do to qualify, but he will probably end up in this class.

4. WR – Malik Gilmore. Has stated many times he’d like to visit.

5. TE – Devin Funchess. Michigan commit!

6. TE – A.J. Williams. Michigan commit!

7. OL – Ben Braden. Michigan commit!

8. OL – Caleb Stacey. Michigan commit!

9. OL – Jordan Diamond. Has liked Michigan for a long time and close friend Chris Bryant was in the 2011 class. He could decide this summer.

10. OL – Jordan Simmons. Still holding on to my dream.

11. OL – Erik Magnuson. Still has Michigan in his top group and is visiting in a few weeks.

12. DE – Pharaoh Brown. Michigan commit!

13. DE – Matt Godin. Michigan commit!

14. DE/LB – Mario Ojemudia. Michigan commit!

15. DE – Chris Wormley. Recently named Michigan his leader.

16. DT – Jaleel Johnson. Takes Sheldon Day’s spot.Jaleel Johnson

17. DT – Ondre Pipkins. Staring to blow up after a big weekend in Columbus.

18. LB – Joe Bolden. Michigan commit!

19. LB – Royce Jenkins-Stone. Michigan commit!

20. LB – Kaleb Ringer. Michigan commit!

21. LB – James Ross. Michigan commit!

22. CB – Terry Richardson. Michigan commit!

23. CB – Wayne Morgan. Will Michigan be the choice next week??

24. S – Allen Gant. Summer decision. Dad played at UM.


So there are 24 kids. It will be interesting to see how these spots all fill out. It is possible that the staff decides against taking a QB this class, but they have said that they want one each year. Of course with Shane Morris in the fold for 2013, the need for a “super” quarterback is not a necessity for a while. Alden Hill is my best guess as far as running backs go. We should watch for what Keith Marshall and especially Bri’onte Dunn decide to do as well. Tight end Ron Thompson is now off of my list. I just don’t see room any more unless a few spots open later on. I feel pretty confident in my offensive line picks. Simmons is a reach at this point, but a visit could do wonders. Defensive line recruiting becomes very interesting as well. So far we have Brown, Godin and Ojemudia at the end position (Godin can be moved inside as well) with Michigan looking strong for Chris Wormley and Tom Strobel. Michigan is also getting a summer visit from Jordan Jenkins this summer as well. Defensive tackle also is interesting. None are in the fold as of today, but the Wolverines are looking strong for Ondre Pipkins, Jaleel Johnson and Sheldon Day. We also are in the running for Danny O’Brien and Jarron Jones as well. Defensive backs are a little easer to figure out. With Terry Richardson in the fold and Wayne Morgan possibly dropping next week the Wolverines are in great position.

In my years following Michigan recruiting I have never seen such of an intense effort. Hoke and crew are doing one hell of a job!


Brian Blackburn (QB), Bri’onte Dunn (RB), Keith Marshall (RB), Dwayne Stanford (WR), Amara Darboh (WR), Monty Madaris (WR),  Andrus Peat (OT), Zach Banner (OT), Paul Thurston (OT), Shane Callahan (OT), Aziz Shittu (DT), Danny O’Brien (DT), Sheldon Day (DT), Tom Strobel (DE), Jarontay Jones (DE), Armani Reeves (CB), Anthony Standifer (CB/S) and Jerrod Wilson (S).

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8 thoughts on “Crystal Ballin’ UM’s 2012 Recruiting Class (5/28/11)”

    1. Nice catch Coach thanks. The in-laws are in town so I’m a little stressed out.

      I like your list. The only two that I don’t see at this point are Garmon and Dodson. Garmon could change after a visit, but he’s leaning towards UNC at the moment. I know for a fact that Dodson does like Michigan, but if he gets an OSU offer he’s going there IMO.

  1. Overall, really good class. A couple suggestions:

    Tyler O’Connor is not very high on our board for QBs in this class. Unless he shows more improvement, he might not see an offer.

    We have a huge lead for Sheldon Day, and he’s much more likely to be blue than Johnson and Pipkins.

    In light of the OSU scandal, Michigan also leads for Pipkins, Dodson (big) and Strobel (also big)

    Wayne Morgan will likely play FS. This means that Standifer and/or Reeves *will* be in this class.

    1. Frank, thanks for the response. As far as QB goes, I’m not quite sure what to think. What I do know is that UM is not getting Gunner Kiel. So in my opinion, O’Connor is our best option. There are a few others out there like Appleby and Blackburn, but IMO O’Connor is better than them both. Plus he is coming in for another visit soon. Who knows, they might not offer another QB. As far as the DT’s you could not be more wrong. Day is being pushed in a different direction by his coach and Pipkins and Johnson have made it no secret that they love Michigan. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but it’s wrong. You also contradicted yourself, right below the Day comment you said we lead for Pipkins. I have talked to Dodson and Michigan is in good shape for him, but he is waiting for the OSU offer and is still looking at other schools as well. Strobel is more than likely down to UM and Stanford, but will we have room? Morgan and Standifer can play either S or CB, but I do agree they will both be in the class. Like I said, this is just a guess and it will change. Plus, numbers are becoming a huge issue.

  2. We might not take a QB in this class. In fact, I prefer that we not take one.

    I think we can manage with 3 scholarship QBs on the roster.

    I am, however, a fan of Tyler O’Connor so I wouldn’t mind if we take him.

    I also think that Brionte Dunn will eventually end up at Michigan (especially in light of what’s transpired).

    I haven’t heard much about Malik Gilmore but I don’t see us taking a WR when we have better options in 2013.

    1. Continuum, O$U is going to have to get some baaaad sanctions in order for Dunn to come to UM. The kid wants to go there badly. We’ll see. You don’t see us taking a receiver at all? We’ll take at least one, we have to. You can’t pass on a talent like Burbridge if he qualifies.

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