Did Michigan travel to Dallas to win or not get embarrassed (offense)?

Either way, Michigan was embarrassed in primetime on national television. With that said the members of team 133 did not give up, played hNYTimesard and earned the respect of many Alabama players and fans (Editor’s Note: First-hand account). As Michigan fans, that is not good enough.

Michigan entered the game with a Heisman Trophy candidate in Denard Robinson. He was expected, as usual, to get his fair share of explosive runs. What was unknown was whether he could improve as a passing quarterback. He did show signs of improvement but also showed signs of his play from a year ago with continued deep prayers and lack of understanding defenses. Despite that you have to feel for the senior quarterback. A few early dropped balls shook his confidence while an inept running game allowed Alabama to play complex zone coverage’s which really rattled Robinson. Robinson has been known to be a shaky, over excited starter. Establishing a run game first would have been nice, not just for Robinson, but Gardner also. Receivers were able to get separation a few times however on those plays Robinson threw off of his back foot and missed open targets. He did fire a nice bomb to Jeremy Gallon which resulted in 7 points. He also hit Gardner for a 44 yard score late in the game thanks to a nice route and blown coverage. His best pass of the night is when he was able to step up in the pocket and hit Gallon on a third and long for a 19 yard gain. He showed signs of improvement but also showed that he is not quite where he needs to be.

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Profile for 2014 U of M Recruit Montae Nicholson

clip_image002 Gateway Gators

Name: Montae Nicholson

Position: Athlete

Height & Weight: 6’3” 200 lbs.

High School: Monroeville Gateway Gators (PA)

ScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile 247sports

rating rating rating rating


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Profile for 2014 U of M Recruit Parrker Westphal

clip_image002 Bolingbrook Raiders

Name: Parrker Westphal

Position: Cornerback

Height & Weight: 6’0” 180 lbs.

High School: Bolingbrook Raiders (IL)

ScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile 247sports


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2012 Michigan Football Wide Receiver Preview

Depth Chart:

The wide receiver position may be perceived as a weakness on the offensive side of the ball. However, I’ll convince you that this unit may be as strong as it has been in recent years. First, let’s take a look at the projected depth chart. This assumes that we’ll be lining up in a spread formation moreso than a pro-style, which is what we should do considering our quarterbacks.

WR R. Roundtree Jerald Robinson - Scout Amara Darboh - isportsweb
  Roy Roundtree Jerald Robinson  Amara Darboh 

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2012 Michigan Football Secondary Preview

The secondary is a position Michigan has had a lot of trouble recruiting over the recent years. Despite that, this is an area of strength for Team 133 as they return all key contributors from a year ago. Let’s take a look at the projected depth chart for the 2012 season.

Depth Chart:

Freshmen likely to redshirt: Terry Richardson

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