The Bet: Michigan vs Nebraska

We all make bets, we all do things we probably shouldn’t.  Well, I quite possibly did something that made many people’s day today at work.  In fact, I am sure many of you, our fans, and Michigan fans alike, will enjoy the overall comical nature of this bet I made with my Operations Manager at work weeks ago.  Normally at work it’s very busy on the shift I was working on, and while making his rounds, Mike the Husker fan, we will call him, usually comes by to see how we are doing and chats with us all.  Sometimes the nature of the conversation is football, and in one of the instances it just so happened to be the Michigan and Nebraska football game.  Now, I saw such a great opportunity in this and knew I had to take it because I felt pretty confident in our abilities, even though the past few seasons the Wolverines had collapsed late in the season.  Continue reading “The Bet: Michigan vs Nebraska”

Pre-Gaming With Pat Ohio State

While the regular season comes to a close this weekend, we have a lot to be thankful for in Ann Arbor.  None other are we more thankful for more than a win last weekend, which the picture was taken by a friend of mine, Pamala Domengoni, but we have had plenty of videos to laugh about from our very own, Pat Stansik.  For those of you who may not know who Pat is, I feel bad for you son, you got 99 problems and probably turkey is now one.  Nevertheless, Pat played lacrosse for the University of Michigan last year, and graduated.  Moreover, he has been making tremendous videos all year during the home games to capture the true allure of what real life in Ann Arbor is like during those home games.  In fact, they are so popular that Underground Printing has teamed up to create some one-of-a-kind shirts for him that have been distributed already!  Don’t hesitate to pick yours up in support, and pay attention to this video if you want to be in on the action this weekend to show your face!

You can order the shirts by going here, and don’t forget to follow our favorite Pioneer on Twitter, and even like his Facebook page!

People’s Choice Award – Eleonore Rocks

Many people would argue that the University of Michigan football team has the most unique, and maybe even the best looking helmet in all of college football.  Well, in that same token, Eleonore Rocks triathlon team has the same visibility in the triathlon world.  Their uniforms are very unique and extremely noticeable.  The foundation is all about raising money to help families of terminally ill children, and it provides monetary support, and also some amazing rocking chairs so these parents can rock their angels during those tough times.  One reason we as Michigan fans should be even more open to this specific foundation is because of the fact that a former Michigan Alumni is backing the foundation.  Andy Potts was an All-American athlete who attended the University of Michigan, and while he accomplished quite a bit, he has done so much more since leaving; we wouldn’t expect anything more from an alumni member from our school!  Right now, and ending tomorrow, is a People’s Choice Award regarding which organization or charity is most deserving of top prize.  So today I ask you to not only support the Eleonore Rocks Foundation by voting for them, but also to support our former athlete and tremendous triathlete at that.  Here are the details, in order to vote please to here, and they even have an option to donate and read more about our athlete, Andy Potts.

Please remember we only have today and tomorrow to vote, and Eleonore Rocks is competing very well, and will do even better with our support.  So hop on the computer, click and vote.  Let’s show them just how strong our Michigan community is, and support a great foundation and former Michigan athlete!  Also, just to show off what Eleonore Rocks has done so far and to check out their work, these amazingly crafted chairs, go check out these pictures.  Be sure to check out the Eleonore Rocks Athletes on their website.

Veterans To Victors

With September 11 just behind us, the effects of that date are still felt throughout each and everyone of us.  Never is that more apparent than in the picture with one USA Paratriathlete, Melissa Stockwell, who lost her leg while serving in Iraq from an IED.  While some of you may sit back, and have probably often wondered what it would be like to lose an limb that is so vital that we use everyday, it’s just something that she never thought about, and, well, it has yet to stop her.  That’s only part of what I am writing about today though because as troops go overseas everyday and come back, this is a grim reminder of the sacrifices they make, and the rehabilitation process they will have to face, and no it just isn’t 6 weeks and they are fine.  It’s a process they have to adjust to for the rest of their lives.

The best aspect of our veterans is the fact that many programs are becoming available to them everyday, especially wounded veterans.  That’s why I am writing about Veterans To Victors today in hopes that, while everyone always supports our troops overseas, I was hoping that support would continue right here on the home-front.  What is trying to be accomplished is by attaining your vote, the Veterans To Victors program could receive a $12,000 dollar grant.  However, they need your vote now, as voting ends on Sunday September 18, 2011!  All you have to do is simply go here and you can watch the short video on Melissa and below it you will need to login in to vote.  NOW, the great thing is you can vote once a DAY till Sunday.  Every vote counts guys, so please, as a veterans and soldiers supporter, let’s give these guys something to look forward to even more!  This grant money will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be utilized for instructional camps, promote the healthy lifestyle of these athletes, put towards the 2016 Paralympic Games, and all the other great elements that are involved, overall.  What’s not to love!

For more on this specific topic, be sure to visit this page here and even like USA Triathlon’s Facebook page while you’re at it.  Here is another good piece of information to read on Paralympic sport as well.

For any other information please email me at or message me on Twitter @TheRealHag

New UMGoBlog Lacrosse recruit profile feature

I made a new template to feature recruits for the U of M lacrosse team, and while it may be just for them at this moment, it will be for football as well, and other sports in the future.  We did have one for football last year, but it wasn’t used as often as we liked.  However, this is just one I did to feature one of the recruits I talked to well before he committed, which this player happens to be great friends with Erik Magnuson, a football recruit, GO BLUE, and over time I will be adding items and changing things around just to make sure our profiles look a little bit different than everyone else’s.  Football season is just around the corner, maybe someone could suggest a football recruit profile they would like to see?  I may just do it!