My Introduction

I would like to start off by thanking Lance for the opportunity to write for UMGoBlog. My name is Matt Brinkman and I am senior Sports AdministratiPHILCALLIHANon student at the University of Cincinnati. As a life-long sports fan I have always followed sports, specifically college football, religiously. I have been a Michigan fan for as long as I can remember thanks to my godfather who was a former Michigan football season ticket holder. He made it his duty to pass his fandom on to me, and it easily stuck. Growing up in northwest Ohio it wasn’t always easy being a Michigan fan, but that has never slowed me down.

Everything about Michigan intrigues me, and I hope to someday work in Schembechler Hall in some capacity with the program. My top three Michigan memories have all happened recently. While I have always been a fan, I did not truly understand the dynamics of recruiting, the Xs and Os, and everything else involved in college football until about 2006. Because of that, my three favorite Michigan football memories include:

1. Watching Michigan beat Ohio in 2011. I have seen many victories against O$U since I have been a fan, but 2011 was definitely the most meaningful for me. It had been a long struggle being a Michigan fan in Ohio since 2003, and seeing that victory unfold is something I will never forget.

2. I had the opportunity to watch the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game in 2009 first hand. We had no business being competitive in that game, let alone winning it. I watched Tate Forcier part the seas with an incredible cut back from the opposite endzone and to make the victory even more enjoyable, I attended the game with a die-hard Notre Dame fan.

3. Denard Robinson’s performance against Notre Dame in 2010. Robinson single-handedly kept Michigan in that game, and that was the best individual performance I have witnessed a Michigan player have since Braylon Edwards’ performance vs. Michigan State. Robinson has quickly become my favorite Michigan player of all time, and I am excited to see his final season in the Maize and Blue.

I am enthusiastic about this new opportunity that lies ahead writing for this blog, and I hope you enjoy my work. GO BLUE!