The Greatest Michigan vs. Notre Dame Game – 1994

The 1994 edition of this rivalry also happens to be the last time both teams were in the Top Ten. The game was a battle to the very last play with Tshimanga Biakautuka, Todd Collins and Amani Toomer leading the Wolverines to a 26-24 victory on the right leg of Remy Hamilton, who nailed a 42 yard FG with :02 left:


Profile for 2012 U of M Recruit Kaleb Ringer

  • Name: Kaleb Ringer
  • Position: Outside Linebacker
  • Height & Weight: 5’11” 220 lbs.
  • High School: Northmont Bolts (OH)
ScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile





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Sean O’Connell, “Does a good job of filling at the line of scrimmage and shedding blockers. He is a good pursuer of the football and looks pretty good in pass coverage. One thing Kaleb could improve on is his speed.”

Jack Slice, Forward Thinking: Ringer almost looks and runs like a defensive end out there. He simply lacks elite, game breaking speed. He flashes good footwork here and there, but that means almost nothing when it takes him twice as long to hit the hole as 2011 commit TX LB Kellen Jones or 2012 prospect MI LB James Ross…. Overall, I see him succeeding in a 3-4 look where isn’t being relied on to cover as much ground, but he will struggle mightily if he’s asked to defend the middle of the field without help.




2009 (Soph.) Northmont 82 3 3




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The Best Explanation of Michigan Man Ever

People throw the term Michigan Man around all the time and most have no idea what it means.  Today Michael Rosenberg (much maligned columnist from the Detroit Free Press) gives the best explanation of the term ever.

I know that many of you have sworn off reading anything from the Detroit Free Press and but in this case you’re missing out.

Athletic director Dave Brandon absolutely does not need to hire somebody who played or coached at Michigan. He needs somebody who gets Michigan — and more important, who wants to get it. He needs somebody who takes academics seriously and who understands the image the school wants to project. At Michigan, the coach is not supposed to worry about building a tradition. He is there to live up to one…It’s not about finding a coach who has spent a lot of time at the University of Michigan. It’s about finding a coach who should.

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