I have been a Michigan fan for as long as I can remember and there have been so many lasting images, but three memories stand out to me. The first was in 2000 when we took on Wisconsin at Michigan Stadium. It was my first and only(but not last) trip to the Big House. My dad and I flew into Detroit from Minneapolis and met my two cousins and my favorite uncle at our hotel in AA. Of course being from Wisconsin, they are all Badger fans so I was happy to be in friendly territory for a change. So we went to a few bars and at the end of the night found a pizza joint and had a few slices. We are all standing outside and of course my relatives we getting razzed a little because of their Wisconsin garb. So up walks this little preppy looking pretty boy with two girls on his arms. And he literally walked up to my uncle and started talking smack to his face. So my uncle, who was probably around 50 or so at the time, grabbed him by his collar and pushed him over a bike that was chained to a pole! We were all laughing so darn hard and my cousin says, "you just got your a$$ kicked by a grandpa!" It was pretty funny. On game day we were all on opposite sides of the stadium and I was checking things out on the field. I’m looking around and I see my uncle and cousins out on the turf throwing a ball around! Apparently my uncle told security that he was with ESPN or ABC and needed to check around for places for a camera! Hilarious. So that is my favorite memory so far. And of course it helped that UM won that day. It was great to be able to spend time with my family.

My other two memories were in 1997-98 for obvious reasons. And in 2003 at Minnesota, when I think we were down either 21 or 28 points late in the third and we came all the way back to win. That was a great game to be at, even though it was in the gross Metrodome. That’s pretty much it and I’m looking forward to many more great memories, hopefully in the near future! Go Blue!!

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