Nothing But ‘Net – Week #17 – 02/20/2012 – A Huge Win

By Basketball Writer: Drew Montag

The (#17) University of Michigan men’s basketball team only played one game last week, and they won it.  On Saturday (02/18/2012) they beat (#6) Ohio State 56-51 in Crisler Arena.  This raises Michigan’s record to 20-7 (10-4 in the Big Ten), and keeps them perfect (15-0) in Crisler Arena this season.  Michigan is now tied with Ohio State for 2nd place in the Big Ten, one game behind Michigan State.  For more complete details, see my weekly Big Ten Report.

This was a HUGE win.  Personally, I like beating Michigan State more than anything, but this win was even more impressive than Michigan’s win over MSU earlier this season.  For one thing, OSU was ranked higher than MSU was when Michigan beat them, but that’s not all.  This game had more hype than any home game in recent memory, it got Michigan to the all-important 20-win level, and it was important for both teams in the Big Ten title race.  The game was nationally televised on ESPN, and College Game Day broadcast from Crisler all day.  The crowd was big and loud, and the atmosphere was electric.  A situation like that can go one of two ways: either Michigan can come out inspired and play a great game, or they can get distracted by all the hype and the pressure and try too hard.  This was one of the inspired games.

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