Wicked Rags: A Hockey Solution

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What was it that gave you the idea originally?

I have played hockey my whole life; I have dealt with the hassle of getting dressed for the past 15 plus years. In my opinion, the worst part of getting dressed is putting on your undergarments, garter belt, jock, and socks. When I came back from playing out east, I went to Albion College and did not skate for almost 2 years. My senior year in college I went skating with my buddies, I was getting dressed, and that is when I thought there has to be a more efficient way of putting on your undergarments. I wanted to design a next generation jock that included everything into a one-piece performance undergarment with the socks attached via being sewn on, which eliminates the Velcro issue.

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Final 2013 B1G Recruiting Rankings

Note: As usual we include Notre Dame in B1G Rankings as they recruit same area and are a common opponent.

1. Ohio

Biggest Get – Jalin Marshall (ATH-WR). MarshaJalin Marshallll is a special, explosive athlete who will thrive in Urban Meyer’s offense.

Biggest Miss – James Quick (WR). Quick is one of the most explosive receivers in the country and ended up choosing the hometown Louisville Cardinals over the Bucks.

Sleeper – Jayme Thompson (S). It’s hard to call a borderline 4 star kid a sleeper, but in a class full of highly rated DB’s Thompson is exactly that. While a bit raw, his athleticism makes his ceiling very high.

2. Michigan

Biggest Get – Shane Morris (QB). Any time you can get a five star talent at quarterback you are doing very well. Morris has the biggest arm in the country and was an exceptional recruiter for Michigan.

Biggest Miss – Laquon Treadwell (WR). During the summer it seemed as if Treadwell was a near certainty to commit to Michigan, but in the end he chose to go elsewhere. Treadwell would’ve filled a pretty big need.

Sleeper – Channing Stribling (CB). A virtual unknown, Stribling came to Michigan’s camp this summer and completely shut down the competition over a five day period and earned an offer.

3. Notre Dame

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The Game Prediction

THE game. The greatest rivalry in all of sport. Whether 0-11 or 11-0, this game is one where you can throw the records out.

Looking at the trends, both teams are trending up. Michigan is on a 3 game winning streak, and frankly, their offense has taken enormous strides during those 3 weeks. Granted one can look at the opponents and make an argument that part of their success can be attributed to that. But last week showed what could truly be a special performance in the Snakepit Saturday, with Denard playing all over the field, and Devin Gardner being as special through the air as Denard can be on the ground.

If there is one thing to look for, its how Michigan chooses to attack a Buckeye defense which has been suspect much of the year. Do they try to run to set up play action and other passes, or pass to pull the safeties back and give Denard, Thomas Rawls and others more running room? My guess is you’ll see a more wide open look similar to what you saw in the ND game at the start. Like ND, Ohio’s secondary is suspect, and ranks 11th in the B1G in passing yards allowed.

Braxton Miller poses quite the threat to a Michigan defense which has been stout for the majority of the season. The 3 games that Michigan struggled the most defensively were Alabama (with an O-line like I’ve not seen since the 2000 UM line), and Air Force/Northwestern, which attacked the edges with the option, and had the speed to make that difficult. Ohio, while it has the speed in Miller, doesn’t really have a back fast enough to really attack the edges with the option on a consistent basis.

The Snakepit is by far the most difficult venue in the B1G to play in. Its fans have no issue showing their class (or lack thereof). That said, I think Michigan will be able to move the ball as much as they need to, and will be able to get enough stops to pull the game out.

Michigan 42, OSU 34.

Stadium Journey: Michigan Stadium

We as Michigan fans have always had a sense of pride whenever we walk around Ann Arbor on game day.  We hear the planes flying, people laughing, and footballs being thrown around.  Whether you park on the golf course across the street, in Pioneer High School’s parking lot, or on someone’s lawn and pay, we all just can’t wait to get inside the biggest college football stadium in the NCAA.  Yeah, we hold the right to state we have a big home, and have had the biggest hockey game, which I must add we won convincingly.  Nevertheless, most of us are so focused on minimal elements that make up our home, and as Michigan fans, we hold this place dearly.  I was recently approached by an individual from Stadium Journey who scours the country and does very thorough reviews on stadiums across the nation.  I would have to say, speaking for us all, before I even read it, I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  After reading what Paul Swaney wrote, I felt even more empowered to be a Wolverine fan and a UMGoBlog staff member because while we may be biased to a team, the great review we got, and even kind words, made me feel as a Wolverine fan, well, valued.

So with all this said I would like all of you to take the time to head on over to Stadium Journey and read everything they had to say, and even if you feel they may have missed out on something, please comment.  If you believe they did a great job, please state that as well.  Lastly, don’t be hesitant to see any other venues they have reviewed because obviously we all like to travel to other places to watch games, and this great website could be a great asset in assisting you to ensure you know exactly what to expect.

If you need anything, as always, email me at josh at umgoblue.com or message me on twitter @TheRealHag