2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings (8/1/2012)

Monthly Big Ten (& Notre Dame) Recruiting Rankings (Last Month: July):


Michigan Banner


Added four star Ross Douglas (CB-OH) just days after his de-commitment from Penn State.



Notre Dame Banner 18

Added four star prospects Alex Anzalone (LB-PA) and Jamel James (RB-TX).  (Editor Note: Anzalone was a previous O$U Commit.)


Ohio State Banner


Added three star prospects Taivon Jacobs (WR-MD) and Tim Gardner (OT-IN).

4. Penn State Banner 12

Greg Webb (DT-NJ) and Ross Douglas (CB-OH) both de-committed from PSU and committed to North Carolina and Michigan respectively.

5. Nebraska Banner 12 Up-Arrow

Added four star prospects Marcus Newby (LB-MD) and Johnny Stanton (QB-CA). Tre’vell Dixon (ATH-LA) de-committed. Nebraska has moved up two spots since last month.

6. Illinois Banner 15


No new verbal’s in July. Illinois has moved down one spot since last month.

7. Iowa Banner 16


Added three star Jon Wisnieski (TE-IA).  Iowa has moved down one spot since last month.

8. Wisconsin Banner 12

Added four star Darius Latham (DT-IN) and three star Keelon Brookins (CB-MN), who de-committed from Minnesota.

9. Northwestern Banner 15


Added 3 star Anthony Walker (LB-FL) and 2 stars Matt Harris (WR-IL) Jayme Taylor (TE-TX) and Brett Walsh (LB-CA).

10. Michigan State Banner 11


Added 3 star Devyn Salmon (DT-FL).

11. Purdue Banner 9


Added three star Keyante Green (RB-GA) and two stars Parker Cothren (DE-AL), Myles Norwood (WR-TX) and Johnny Thompson (LB-GA). Purdue moved up one spot in the last month.

12. Minnesota Banner 5


Added three star junior college prospect Jordan Hinojosa (DT-KS) and two star Chris Wipson (LB-MN).  Minnesota dropped one spot in the last month.

13. Indiana Banner 5

Added three stars Danny Friend (TE-IL), junior college prospect Demetrius Hill (DT-KS), Evan Jansen (TE-OH) and two star Patrick Dougherty (DE-OH).