A Chat with Keith Marshall

Keith Marshall is undoubtedly one of the top high school football players in the country regardless of position. He received a Michigan offer a few weeks ago and recently answered a few questions for UMGoBlog.

Sean O’Connell: I know you have a bunch of offers, would you mind naming a few of them?

Keith Marshall: “I have offers from most of the ACC and SEC schools.  I also have offers from schools like USC, Cal, Penn State, and Notre Dame.”

Sean O’Connell: What were your stats last season?

Keith Marshall: “1600 yards and 18 TD’s in 10 games.”

Sean O’Connell: Did you grow up pulling for a certain college team? If so, will this factor in on your decision?

Keith Marshall: “Yes. I liked a few different teams growing up but that won’t play a major role in my decision.”

Sean O’Connell: What are the main qualities that you will look for in a school?

Keith Marshall: “I look at the overall direction the football program is headed in, as well as the academic program.”

Sean O’Connell: Will location be a major factor for you?

Keith Marshall: “No.”

Sean O’Connell: Do you have a top list of schools yet? If not, when do you expect to narrow your list?

Keith Marshall: “No, I plan on narrowing down my list this summer.”

Sean O’Connell: What does your timeline look like? Do you plan on deciding early or take your visits and let things play out?

Keith Marshall: “I will decide whenever I find the right school for me. I don’t really have a set time frame.”

Sean O’Connell: Tell me what you are good at and what areas you need to improve in as a football player.

Keith Marshall: “My speed, acceleration, and vision are my biggest strengths. I’m working on getting bigger and stronger so that I will be more effective running in-between the tackles at the next level.”

Sean O’Connell: Have you had contact with any of the Michigan coaches yet? If so, who?

Keith Marshall: “I talked to the RB Coach (Fred Jackson) & the Head Coach (Brady Hoke).”

Sean O’Connell: Do you see yourself in a particular type of offense?

Keith Marshall: “I’d prefer to play in a pro-style offense, but I won’t base my decision off that.”

Sean O’Connell: What is your interest level in the University of Michigan?

Keith Marshall: “I’m interested.”

Sean O’Connell: Do you plan on visiting Ann Arbor at some point?

Keith Marshall: “I’m not sure yet.”

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