A Chat with Shane Morris

Warren, Michigan quarterback prospect Shane Morris became the first commit for the Wolverine’s 2013 class last week. Morris will be the top player in the state and one of the highest rated signal callers in the Midwest, if not the country.

Shane MorrisSean O’Connell: The timing was a surprise to me, when did you come to this decision?

Shane Morris: “I came to this decision about a week before I committed and told coach I wanted to come up with my family and have them see everything.”

Sean O’Connell: Who was your primary recruiter? How is your relationship with him?

Shane Morris: “My primary recruiter was Coach Fred Jackson. We have a very good relationship we talked on the phone once or twice every week. He was a huge influence in my decision, he was alway telling me everything that was going on at U of M and I liked that he was completely honest in every aspect with me. ”

Sean O’Connell: Did you grow up a Michigan fan?

Shane Morris: “Yes I did grow up a Michigan fan, Michigan was my dream school until they changed the offense a couple years ago, now that Coach Hoke is back and running the pro-style again it’s where I belong.”

Sean O’Connell: Do you pattern your game after any other quarterback?

Shane Morris: “Yes I try to pattern my game after quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. They’re as close to being perfect as you can get at the position and they choose push themselves everyday like their rookies again. That who I want to model my game after and that’s the level I want to reach.”

Sean O’Connell: You’re amazingly polished for being such a young player, what do you think you need to work on to improve your game?

Shane Morris: “I need to keep working on every aspect of the quarterback position, I’m not satisfied with where I am at right now and probably never will be, and that just means I’ll have to work harder everyday and that’s something I’m happy to do.”

Sean O’Connell: What other schools did you consider and what other offers do you have?

Shane Morris: “I considered Michigan State, Stanford, Notre Dame, Toledo, Bowling Green, and Cincinnati. I was offered by Michigan, MSU, Cincinnati, Toledo, Bowling Green, Syracuse, Central Michigan. I’m suppose to pick up some big offers next month from schools around the country but I’m not worried about that, Michigan is where I want to go to school.”

Sean O’Connell: Last one. I know there is a long time until February 2013, but do you think you’ll visit any other schools along the way?

Shane Morris: “No, I will not be visiting any other schools up to signing day.”


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