A Chat with U of M Commit Caleb Stacey

Ohio offensive lineman Caleb Stacey became Michigan’s second verbal commit of the 2012 class Saturday evening. He is one of the best offensive linemen in a loaded Ohio class this year. Caleb is pretty pumped about his commit and was nice enough to answer a few questions for us!

Sean O’Connell: Current height and weight?

Caleb Stacey: “6’4  285 lbs.”

Sean O’Connell: What other offers do you have?

Caleb Stacey: “Ohio, Toledo, Bowling Green, Illinois, Indiana, Boston College, NC-State, Wake Forest, South Florida, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Miami(OH), and of course THE Michigan Wolverines!”

Sean O’Connell: Being from Ohio, did you grow up an Ohio State fan? Did you have any contact with them?

Caleb Stacey: “Growing up I was never really a fan of any team, I tried to follow everyone. I did have a little contact with OSU they stopped by my school once to meet me but after that no further contact.”

Sean O’Connell: Have you been catching a lot of heat for committing to Michigan yet?

Caleb Stacey: “I haven’t been catching any heat at all, besides from the loyal OSU fans that live in my neighborhood, but nothing more than a joke and a little messing around. Everyone seems excited in Ann Arbor about my commitment and I know my family and I are really jacked up about Michigan.”

Sean O’Connell: So you visited Ann Arbor a little over a week ago, I’m assuming that visit went very well?

Caleb Stacey: “My visit to Ann Arbor went extremely well. It was actually St. Patrick’s Day when I took an unofficial to Michigan so I got a chance to see how the student life was.”

Sean O’Connell: Was it coach Hoke who offered you? What was your reaction?

Caleb Stacey: “Coach Hoke was in fact the one who offered me. He called me into his office about an hour into the visit and we had some great conversations. He then told me that he’d like to offer me a full ride scholarship to the University of Michigan. He told me he believed that I was the type of kid that will help Michigan return to the top. I was very excited knowing the tradition of Michigan and even more the tradition of Michigan offensive lineman. I told him it was an honor to be offered by a university like Michigan and that I was very grateful and fortunate for the offer.”

Sean O’Connell: Did committing immediately ever cross your mind?

Caleb Stacey: “Committing immediately did actually cross my mine, but the fact that I take pride in being loyal and honest with everyone I told West Virginia’s coaches I would come check out what they had to offer. After the WVU visit me and my parents went to dinner and talked about all of my offers. That is when I told them I am committing to the blue and maize. After we left the restaurant I gave coach smith a call and told him the news.”

Sean O’Connell: I understand that you visited West Virginia today. How did that go?

Caleb Stacey: “WVU visit went well. It just wasn’t the place for me. It didn’t feel like home and I just didn’t see my self there for the next 5 years”

Sean O’Connell: When did you decide that Michigan was the right place for you?

Caleb Stacey: “At dinner after my WVU visit. I talked with my parents about how great my visit to Michigan went and how Michigan felt like home and felt like the right fit for me. After that, I thanked my parents for everything they’ve done for me and then it was set. I decided then that I wanted to play for THE Michigan Wolverines!”

Sean O’Connell: What was coach Hoke’s reaction when you told him?

Caleb Stacey: “Coach Hoke was actually at a banquet or coaching clinic when he heard the news. Coach Smith immediately put him on the phone with me and we talked for around 5 minutes about how excited we both were and how Michigan is a great place and will continue to be a great place.”

Sean O’Connell: Do you know what you want to major in yet?

Caleb Stacey: “I am going to major in something in the medical field. Not sure exactly what yet but something a long those lines.”

Sean O’Connell: Give the Michigan fans a scouting report on Caleb Stacey.

Caleb Stacey: “I believe I am a blue collar hard working kid. I play the game with great passion and have a great attitude 100% of the time on and off the field. I will always be positive and will always try to have a positive influence on people or players around me. I work very hard when I do things, weather it be school work, weight room, community service, on the field at practice or in a game.”

Sean O’Connell: Are you going to put your recruiting hat on now that your committed?

Caleb Stacey: “The recruiting hat is on. I am committed to play football at THE University of Michigan and it will stay that way.”

Sean O’Connell: Last one. Are you going to take any more visits or are you set with Michigan?

Caleb Stacey: “The only visits I’ll be taking are the ones back to Ann Arbor! I am loyal and committed to Michigan. GO BLUE!”

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  1. Great job Sean! Awesome interveiw and I’m really happy we landed this kid. I just started reading your blog and love it. Keep up the great work and your really good with the interview!

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