Air Force Game Prediction

Its been a long time since the Wolverines took the turf in November, and the streak was broken against Ohio. It was so sweet, you can almost still taste it … However,
you would be able to if the bile wasn’t still in your mouth from last Saturday’s Cowboy Classic. Ouch, I’m still limping, and I wasn’t within 2000 miles of Jerry World.

If the 2011 Air Force team were traveling to the Big House this week, the outcome might be in question. The Falcon’s triple option is difficult to defend when you practice against it daily, but only having a couple days to prepare, its even tougher. Coming off the Alabama game, it would have been a trap game at the very least.

Not that Brady Hoke is afraid of playing anyone, as witnessed last week, but the 2012 Air Force team isn’t nearly what the 2011 team was (which put up over 30 points in a loss to the Return to Glory XXIII Domers in South Bend) after losing most all of its defensive starters, top WR, top RB, top QB to graduation, and sadly their best offensive lineman Mike Husar (son of former Michigan OL in the 80’s) last week to injury.

Quite honestly, Michigan should be able to score at will. The only thing in my mind keeping Michigan from having 3 – 100 yard rushers (Denard, Fitz, Rawls) might simply be a first quarter hangover after the Bama loss.


Michigan will give up points, as defending the triple option isn’t easy, and assignment football is never more tested. Expect several freshmen to play on defense, and well, points are likely.

Michigan 48 AFA 21

(And please don’t boo our opponent this week, ok? )