Betting The Big Ten

Using the lines from, I’m going to attempt to pick three lines around Big Ten Games that I would bet on with jelly beans:

1) Putting aside rivalries my first pick would be to take Michigan State to beat Ohio State. Ohio State is currently favored by 3.5, but right now the Spartans are the third best team in the conference. They are clearly better than Ohio State and a loss would be a letdown for them in my opinion.

2) In the individual player section, Russell Wilson is favored by 48.5 total yards over Taylor Martinez. I’d favor Taylor Martinez as Wisconsin will stick to the run game and jump ahead in the first half. I can see Wilson leading this bet until the 4th quarter, when Martinez’s garbage yardage carries him to the victory.

3) In the team lines games, I would take Wisconsin to cover the three first down spread against Nebraska. Its not hard to imagine the Badger offense rolling down the field several times and racking up many first downs while Nebraska scores a few times on long plays and gets a bunch of first downs at the end, but not enough to pull within three of the Russell Wilson led Badger O.