Breakout Players for Michigan in 2011

In the forum today, EvilEmpire asked everyone who would be the breakout players this season for the Michigan Football team. Here were the answers for the top 5 users that participated (by total posts):


Breakout/Surprise Player on Offense

Breakout/Surprise Player on Defense

Biggest Disappointment on Offense

Biggest Disappointment on Defense

Player We Can Ill Afford To Lose On Offense/Defense

MichFan4Life Koger Jones Shaw Woolfolk Lewan/Demens
TK23Blue Lewan Ryan RB’s Woolfolk/Roh
EvilEmpire Smith Roh O-Line Campbell Robinson/Demens
Maize927 Koger Ryan Borges Floyd Hemingway/Martin
jsj_297 Rawls Campbell Shaw Woolfolk Molk/Martin
Let us know what your answers would be or who you disagree with and why below. Go Blue!

5 thoughts on “Breakout Players for Michigan in 2011”

  1. How can Denard Robinson not be the most indispensible player on offense by every user? I love the mix between Mike Martin and Kenny Demens on the defensive side though. Shows the knowledge of the users.

    I would personally go with:
    Breakouts: Lewan & Cam Gordon
    Disappointments: Roy Roundtree & Campbell
    Indispensable: Robinson & Demens

    I give the nod to Demens over Martin because of depth issues.

  2. I can see how they feel Denard isn’t the most indispensable player, we are blessed to have 5-star Devin Gardner backing him with game experience to boot. How do you John have Roy Roundtree as a disappointment? I think he deserves the #1 jersey.

    I would go with: Breakout – Rawls/Campbell Disappointment – Shaw/Van Bergen Ill Afford To Lose – Molk/Martin.

    I’m a believer that lines make the difference and if it matters I believe if we lost Molk again it would crush the fanbase along with the psyche of the rest of the line.

    Go Blue!

  3. Mine would be:

    Breakouts: Shaw/Demens – Disappointments: Rawls/Ryan – Indispensable: Robinson/Martin

    I think a portion of the fanbase will be letdown by Rawls, but they shouldn’t fret, he is just a freshman, same line of thinking with Ryan. I believe Demens will breakout in the sense that he will play up to our expectations and lead the defense with Martin.

  4. Molk seems to be a popular response for most indispensable, but IIRC Khoury did a decent job filling in for Molk last season. And as for the reason I did not put Robinson as the most indispensable is because of Gardner, who many feel has a skill set that fits the WCO better than Robinson’s does. And since I didn’t give a player as biggest disappointment earlier, I will say Robinson will be because he will be hand-cuffed by Borges’ offense.

  5. Breakouts: John McColgan/Cam Gordon
    Disapointments: V. Smith/CB’s
    Indispensable: Robinson/Martin

    You guys know nothing. Starting fullback in this offense does everything – block, run, and catch bootlegs. Word from camp is McColgan is a beast. All our CB’s suck. Woolfolk constantly gets beat and releys on pure speed to catch up and make a play. Watch for B. Countess to get minutes before big ten season starts.

    Names to become familiar with: Nate Brink, Mike Jones, Je’ron Stokes

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