Captions By Our Readers….

We asked yesterday on Twitter for followers to provide captions for this photo of Athletic Director David Brandon & Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson. Here are most of them (we had to remove a few that weren’t appropriate):

@hailuofm – The defense was good but the coordinator chaser left a bad taste in my mouth

@JmakeMsay – Sooo I saw that picture floating around of you picking your nose on the sideline….

@SpawnsTitleIX – you sir, are dead to me! now go get my pizza.

@GreekMoose71 – why did he order from Pizza Hut and not Dominos??

@barrymarshall – Dead Man Walking

@mvonsteinfort – Sometimes the crust needs to be changed to improve the pizza…

@mgobrian – “Robinson runs the wheel route to the cooler.”

@bradelders – you may keep your jacket as a souvenir of your employment here.

@jodman257 – Go get my car, I’ll be waiting over here

@ScarlettL – “thanks for the sour patch kids, budddy! But now I need to floss”

@Ldublu70 – “Well, he took the news better than I though he would. I’m hungry. How ‘bout some pizza?”

@brogers42 – he better run to get my coffee, we sure aren’t paying him to coach defense

@suicidea7 – “nice knowing you Greg, I hope this new gas station is hiring”

@MichaelHadley3 – His breath is worse than his defense…

@grrce – “defense is just as bad as his kisses. I have an awful taste in my mouth.”

@McConnaghy – “Get to work on your resume son”

@hokieguru – “Thank heavens I took the last of the beer.”

If anyone else has a different take, feel free to leave it as a comment below.

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