Crystal Ballin’ UM’s 2012 Recruiting Class

Here is my first guess on how I believe the recruiting class might look like at the end of the season. Remember recruiting is very fluid and the final list will probably look very different. At this point I have Michigan at 18 scholarships with the Cullen Christian and DJ Williamson transfers. This number will likely grow to around 20-22 when all is said and done, but for this list I’ll keep it at 20 prospects. Again, this is purely my guess at this point in the game and February is a long ways away.

1. QB – Tyler O’Connor. No offer as of yet, but since the Pike commit to Auburn things have been heating up.

2. WR – Malik Gilmore. Wants to visit Michigan and ND.

3. TE – Devin Funchess. Michigan Commit.

4. TE – A.J. Williams. Michigan Commit.

5. TE – Ron Thompson. Even with Funchess and Williams in the fold, I think Michigan takes him.

6. OT/OG – Ben Braden. Michigan Commit.

7. OG – Caleb Stacey. Michigan Commit.

8. OT – Jordan Diamond. Has stated for quite some time now that Michigan is on top.

9. OT – Erik Magnuson. Has Michigan in his top 3 along with Miami and Oregon.

10. OG – Jordan Simmons. Might be a longish shot, but I think we’ll get a visit.

11. DE – Matt Godin. My guess as to who the silent is.


12. DE – Pharaoh Brown. Recently listed Michigan as his leader.

13. DE – Chris Wormley. He’ll pick Michigan over OSU.

14. DT – Sheldon Day. Beast!! Michigan is up there. Plus, his family loves it.

15. DT – Ondre Pipkins.

16. LB – Royce Jenkins-Stone. Michigan Commit.

17. LB – Kaleb Ringer. Michigan Commit.

18. LB – Joe Bolden. Michigan lean.

19.  CB – Armani Reeves. Michigan – PSU battle?

20. S – Wayne Morgan. Michigan leads with Rutgers.

OK so that’s 20. With Michigan losing Stonum, Odoms, Hemmingway, DJ Williamson and possibly another slot, they’re going to need another receiver. I’m just not sure who this will be right now. I also think that CB is a necessity with Cullen gone, and possibly another DT. I also imagine that we will get one running back as well. This is where the numbers become an issue. They could say no to both Ross and Thompson. It will be interesting.

Wild Cards

Bri’onte Dunn (RB), Corey Smith (WR), Dwyane Stanford (WR), Kyle Dodson (OT), Zach Banner (OT), Mario Ojemudia (DE/LB), Jaleel Johnson (DT), James Ross (LB), Terry Richardson (CB), Anthony Standifer (CB) and Jerrod Wilson (S).

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