Dhani Jones on Brady Hoke, Michigan Football and Ohio State

Dhani Jones on Brady Hoke, the State of Michigan Football and why he doesn’t wear red in an interview with the 100SportsPodcast:


To hear the entire interview with 110 Sports follow the link to there podcast. It seems from a statistical standpoint that Dhani Jones (@DhaniJones) has revitalized his career heading into his 12th NFL season.  ESPN Football Today Host and Former NFL Player Ross Tucker said in an analysis of him that:

“Dhani Jones has played at a solid level for Cincinnati, he seems to be on his second or third wind, he has been a tackling machine for the Bengals and I expect them to try and re-sign him.”

A quick glance at the numbers, which don’t take scheme into account, proves Tucker to be true as Jones has racked up over 100 tackles in each of his last three seasons.  In a league where the average player lasts 4-6 years it appears Jones is in line for one last 2-4 year deal:

Team GP GS Total Tackles
‘10 – Cincinnati 16 16 125
‘09 – Cincinnati 16 16 113
‘08 – Cincinnati 16 16 116
‘07 – Cincinnati 14 9 89
‘06 – Philadelphia 16 13 76
‘05 – Philadelphia 16 16 70
‘04 – Philadelphia 16 15 71
‘03 – NY Giants 16 16 120
‘02 – NY Giants 15 14 82
‘01 – NY Giants 16 0 27
‘00 – NY Giants
To say the least, Dhani Jones is an extremely well-rounded individual that has a lot of side projects.  Last month his book, The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey, came out and

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