Fantasy Outlooks on Avant & Manningham

I admit that in my two fantasy football drafts so far this year I did not draft Jason Avant or Mario Manningham. But my ears perked up when I heard these glowing observations of two former Wolverines.

Nate Ravitz on Jason Avant during the August 25th episode of the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Podcast:

”If were not going to see Steve Smith or Jeremy Maclin at the start of the season. The opportunities increase for Jason Avant. Avant caught 41 passes last year and Philadelphia starts the season with two road games in domes against St. Louis and Atlanta. Especially in PPR formats, you can even start Avant at the beginning of the season. Avant has been a solid player in his career, has a decent big body. Even though he has been dealing with tendinitis in his knees, it hasn’t bothered him to much.”

K.C. Joyner on Mario Manningham for this upcoming season:

“In looking at wide receivers. If they can get double digit yards per attempt on multiple length passes that’s impressive. Manningham averaged 11 yards per an attempt in every receiving category. He constantly gets yards and you can’t teach that.”

Avant looks to be a sleeper for the first few weeks while Manningham was the 17th overall receiver last year and is getting drafted 25th. Aim for him a few spots earlier and that’s true value.