The Blueprint To Filling Out The 2012 Class

With 18 commits for the 2012 class so far and the final number more than likely 26, numbers are starting to become very, very tight. Here is my Gunner Kiel - SI.comlist of kids that we are still recruiting to fill out the class.

Quarterbacks (Wanting 1?)

With Maty Mauk giving his pledge to Missouri, Michigan is down to two offered quarterbacks who are showing interest.

1. Gunner Kiel. Most have him down to Alabama, Indiana (yes I said Indiana), and Oklahoma. Rumors of a second visit have not yet come to fruition. Not looking very good here.

2. Devin Fuller. Devin is a very explosive athlete who wants a chance to play quarterback in college. Michigan is recruiting him as an athlete, but would get a shot as a signal caller.

Running Backs/Fullbacks (Wanting 1 of each?)

With no running back standing out in the current roster the Wolverines do need a back that will be able to carry the rock around 25 times a game. And that back does need a true fullback leading the way. I’m not a huge fan of giving a fullback a scholly unless he is a very, very good one. And unless we can snag Bri’onte Dunn or Greg Garmon, I’m all for passing on a running back this class in favor of an extra DL, WR or OL.

1. Bri’onte Dunn. The long time Buckeye verbal continues to reiterate his commitment to them. Unless OSU receives MAJOR (USC like) sanctions no one should hold their breath here. Until those penalties are handed down Dunn will remain “open” and make some additional visits. He will be back to AA for the Notre Dame game.


2. Greg Garmon. A very explosive back who visited Michigan a few weeks back. Garmon keeps his recruitment rather tight and continues to name North Carolina his leader.


3. Alden Hill. Alden got his Michigan offer a few weeks ago as an all-purpose back. Hill wants to be a feature back so the chances here also seem small.

4. Juwan Lewis. This is a name to keep an eye on in the future. Lewis made it to Michigan’s camp and impressed the coaches. He does not have an offJuwan Lewis - Scout.comer, but if the other options fall through he could be an option later this fall.

5. E.J. Fatu (FB). Not sure what his interest level is, but Michigan is his best offer.

6. Sione Houma (FB). Visited a month or so back. Seemed impressed with the visit, but again, not sure his interest level.

Wide Receiver (Wanting 1 or 2)

Michigan is losing Junior Hemmingway, Martavious Odoms, Kelvin Grady and Darryl Stonum (depending on what happens with his suspension) after this season. Add to the fact that the remaining slot dots roles will likely be diminishing, receiver is a definite need in this class. Devin Funchess’ role in the offense will be interesting. He has the athleticism to play tight end and/or receiver.

1. Aaron Burbridge. Has a little work to do in the classroom before he becomes part of this class. Having two teammates already committed to the Maize and Blue is a huge positive. Great shot here.

2. Dwayne Stanford. Is he a package deal with Adolphus Washington? Time will tell, but it seems quite likely. If the Wolverines have room for Washington, this one could look good for us.


3. Jordan Payton. Newly decommitted from USC, Payton has named Michigan as a school of high interest. Look for an official from him. Things look pretty good here early on.

4. Drae Bowles. Said he will visit at some point.

5. Amara Darboh. Has mentioned visiting a few times. We’ll see.

Offensive Line (Have 4, looking for 2 more?)

1. Kyle Kalis. An OSU decommit, Kyle visited Michigan a few weeks ago and loved his visit. Soon after widespread rumors of him being a silent commit spread like wild fire. There is a lot of smoke here and it looks like a commitment is imminent.Joshua Garnett -

2. Jordan Diamond. IF Kalis drops for Michigan as expected, will this speed up Diamond’s time line? You’d certainly think so. Michigan is still looking good here.

3. Joshua Garnett. This is where time line becomes an issue. If the two above do in fact commit, do the coaches make room for a 5 star talent?

4. Zach Banner. ND official. Same as above.

5. Andrus Peat. Visited and was impressed. Same as 3 & 4.

6. Adam Bisnowaty. Visited a month ago. Could a Kalis commit pressure him too?

Defensive End (Have 3 1/2, looking for 1 more?)

I say 3 1/2 because Ojemudia may be used as a combo LB/DE. Again numbers are a big issue here as well.

1. Chris Wormley. I’m trying to figure out what is holding a verbal back with Chris. He named Michigan his #1 recently and you have to assume that he wouldn’t go to OSU with the NCAA investigations going on. Just a matter of time here IMO.


2. Adolphus Washington. Has said he’d like to visit, the question becomes, is there room? I’d rather make room for him than take a fullback, but hey that’s me.

Defensive Tackle (Wanting 1 or 2)

With Mike Martin graduating after the season and the health of Terry Talbott at huge question mark, this is a huge concern for me. Another reason not to take a QB, RB Ondre Pipkins - NUCFootball.comor FB.

1. Ondre Pipkins. Has been a dominating force during summer camps. Recently named Michigan in his top group of schools and will be visiting Michigan later this month. His dad living in Michigan might just be the angle Michigan needs to snare the four star DT. Looking great here.

2. Danny O’Brien. Came to camp and had a very solid showing. His relationship is growing with this staff and things have been looking better with him of late. Could the number crunch make him push things ahead as well?

3. Sheldon Day. This one cooled off quite a bit after his last visit, but the Wolverines are still in it. And he is getting recruited HARD out in Oregon.

Safety (All Full)

With Jarrod Wilson’s recent commitment and Jeremy Clark’s status as a grey shirt, the staff is extremely unlikely to take another defensive back.

1. Nelson Agholor. Very, very small chance here, but has mentioned Michigan.

2. Yuri Wright. Interesting has been gaining with him and could visit this fall.

8 thoughts on “The Blueprint To Filling Out The 2012 Class”

    1. John, IMO Ondre Pipkins is the most important recruit on the board right now. Although, I’d be almost as satisfied with Danny O.

  1. Danny O’Brien for me. Last year everyone banked on Anthony Zettel committing, then he went to Penn State. Hoke has done a great job securing Michigan, O’Brien would go a long way to emphasizing the homefront.

  2. With Kalis now in the fold I hope the next few commitments are receivers or defensive linemen. Go Blue!

  3. This class could live to someday rival the famed ’98 class. Not in star power as ’98 featured Henson, Fargas n Terrell, but in quality along the lines and potential difference makers.

  4. Nothing will ever touch the ’98 class IMO. I think the best question is who will be the hardest to add to this stellar class?

    1. I think the hardest player/position to add to this class will be another offensive lineman. The depth Hoke has already amassed to this point will make every other lineman have second thoughts.

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