How To Win An Autographed Picture of Marcus Ray Decking David Boston


Contest Rules:

This will be a simple contest. Simply answer:

1) Who will have more total offense: Denard vs. Pryor?

2) Who will score the longest touchdown (Any Player On Either Team)?

3) Final Score?

How To Enter:

1) Tweet @umgoblog with all three of your answers in a single tweet. (Ex: Denard-Roundtree-MICH28-24)

2) Leave a comment, with your answers, below with your e-mail address

3) Enter your answer in the contest thread.

Picture is an 8 x 10 that comes with a COA. It was purchased for the sole purpose of being given away in a contest to fans of Michigan. I repeat fans of Michigan. If the winning entry screams Buckeye, they will not receive this prize, so don’t even enter.

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