My Favorite Michigan Memories

Technically I have been a Michigan fan my entire life. Even before I was aware of what football was I was donned in Maize and Blue, much to the dismay of the Spartan side of my family (who make up a higher percentage than I like to admit). While I technically was a Michigan fan from birth, wore Michigan apparel, and rooted for Michigan when they were on TV, I did not become a true fanatic until 1997. 1997 was the first year I followed every game intensely and could actually rattle off the names of a majority of the team. My fanaticism only intensified in 2001 after my family moved from Michigan to Tennessee. My arrival happened to coincide with the year Michigan played Tennessee in the Capital One Bowl, which Michigan promptly lost 45-17. Suffice it to say the week after that bowl game was not a pleasurable experience. Nothing tests your fan hood like being banished to a state far away from your home team. No one I knew talked Michigan sports, there was no mention of Michigan on the radio or in the newspaper, Michigan was too far away to attend any spring games or games in the fall. If I wanted to read or hear anything about Michigan I was forced to go online which is what first brought me into contact with Michigan recruiting coverage and This site along with streaming WDFN online were my lifeline to all things Michigan related.

Top 3 Michigan Memories

#1 Michigan vs Penn State 1997 (W 34-8) – The game itself was memorable enough, from Glen Steele’s sack to start the game to Chris Howard running over the Penn State defense. What I remember most is running around the house the next day after seeing Michigan ranked #1 in the country.


Part 2

#2 Michigan vs Notre Dame 2009 (W 26-22) – This game is in the top 3 because while I attended my first Michigan game against Indiana in the early 90s I was too young to remember much. I consider the 2009 Notre Dame game to be the first game I attended. Not only was the last second victory memorable, I also had the pleasure of sitting beside two ND fans the whole game.

#3 The entire week leading up to the 2006 game with Ohio State (L 42-39) -After years of waiting I finally got my wish of Michigan being in the NC hunt. I wore Maize and Blue apparel every day that week, I yelled at random people wearing Ohio State gear, was in a state of shock all day after the announcement that Bo died, barely sleeping the night before the game, and missing the first two drives of the game because I was out picking up pizzas.

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