Press Conference Notes (8/23/11)

Head Coach Brady Hoke:

On Consistency: Team needs more consistency. Defense will be good one day and mediocre the next. Saturday, everyone was really physical. There hasn’t been one practice in my opinion that team didn’t show intensity.

Scrimmage Notes: Troy Woolfolk played very well, Brandon Herron showed some positive signs. Fitz, Smith and Shaw all played very well.

Kicking Game: Tight race between Wile and Seth B. to be the punter.  By Sunday we will have our ducks lined up how we want them.  Right now Brendan is kicking the best.

Secondary: Woolfolk has one spot locked up, Avery and J.T. Floyd are doing a great job and battling for the other spot. At Safety, Thomas Gordon, Carvin Johnson and Jordan Kovacs have all stood out. Gordon has shown the growth that we like.

Running Back: If we started tomorrow, Shaw would be the lead back. He’s been the most consistent on a daily basis. Has improved a little bit, especially with his pass protection.

On Expectations: We have high expectations. I don’t care what everyone else thinks. We are going to do everything to help these kids. And I’m not talking about football. Football is the third most important thing when it comes to developing these young men.

Nathan Brink: If we started tomorrow, he would be the starting 5-technique defensive lineman. He keeps a great pad level.

Most Improved Area: I don’t know if there’s one specific group. First 5 guys on O-Line have a great chemistry and play with good tempo. Our Wide Receivers, Jeremy Gallon has done a pretty good job so far. I really like the competition in the secondary, guys are really concentrating and competing.

We are starting to run Western Michigan’s stuff tomorrow. The more guys we play the better it is for team morale. We think Desmond Morgan and Mike Jones are going to get some playing time. Right now, Kenny Demens is the guy with a solid lock on playing the Mike LB position. Jake Ryan and Brennen Beyer are guys that are going to get some good time along with Brandin Hawthorne. Friday we will get together a good scrimmage.