Profile for 2009 U of M Commit Denard Robinson

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  • Name: Denard Robinson
  • Position: Quarterback
  • Height & Weight: 6’0” 180 lbs.
  • High School: Deerfield Bucks (FL)
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Rich Rodriguez on Robinson: “One of the fastest guys we signed. … He’s a guy like Tate that took over every game he played in. … He’ll come in an compete with Tate and Nick and Steve an everyone else.”Denard Robinson II

On Himself: “I am a dual threat quarterback that can run and pass. I feel like I have a great arm. I like to watch Vince Young because he puts the game on his back and do what it takes to win whether he has to run or pass. He carries the load and that is the quarterback that I am."


Scouts, Inc.: “.. Robinson is just a flat out playmaker in every sense of the word and he will surprise you with his production in the passing game.. Has a quick, live arm and is very effective in the short and intermediate areas of the field.. He is scary when the initial play breaks down–has supreme quickness, burst and acceleration and has a knack for pulling a rabbit out of his hat when he gets in trouble.. Has great feet and smooth hips. However, at times Robinson will try and make too much happen and force things a little.. Must become more patient. Overall, Robinson could play QB in the right system, but his overall versatility and competitiveness is why he’s a prospect and a really good one.”

TAKKLE: “Very quick, elusive and athletic player. The thing about Denard is that he thinks he can always make the big play regardless of the odds. A lot of the times he’s right.”

SoFlaFootball: “Great athlete with a strong arm. Has the potential to be a very good QB with some more grooming, Denard Robinson but his immence athleticisim may force a move to WR or DB in college.”

Mike Bakas, Scout: “He plays quarterback in high school now and does a tremendous job of leading his team. He’s a tremendous leader who flat out knows how to win. He has tremendous football instincts, regardless of what position he’s playing. Many project him to be a receiver or cornerback in college because of his size (6-0/190) and speed (10.7 100m kid at the state meet). When the game’s on the line, you want him with the ball in his hands, though.”

Art Taylor, Deerfield Head Coach: "Oh my god, Michigan is going to get an explosive, explosive quarterback. He’s a leader, he pushes his will to win on others. I’ve never seen a kid so competitive.”


2008 (Sr.) Deerfield 100 231 43.3 1872 18 93 538 5.8 26
2007 (Jr.) Deerfield 1961 19



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