Profile for 2009 U of M Commit Quinton Washington

Rivals Timberland

  • Name: Quinton Washington
  • Position: Offensive Guard
  • Height & Weight: 6’3” 315 lbs.
  • High School: Timberland Wolves (SC)
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Here is Washington performing in one on one pass drills. He appears at the following timemarks: :01, :11, :38, :50, 1:10, 1:33, 2:24. William Campbell makes a appearance at the 1:05 mark too.



Rich Rodriguez on Washington: “Probably will learn to play both guard positions for us.”


Sports, Inc.: “Washington has all the tools to be an outstanding college guard. At 300-plus pounds, he moves his feet like a lightweight (or at least a light heavyweight). Comes out of his stance low and with a flat back when he’s covered up. Puts his weight on the defender and follows up with good leg drive. Needs to get his hands into hisPost & Courier opponent quicker, with a bigger punch and more hip roll. Consistently gets to linebacker level when he’s left uncovered and usually finds the defender.. Big and mobile, Washington will be a hot commodity among college line coaches.”

TAKKLE: “Q is a powerful down blocker and will come off the ball with good pad level when he’s drive blocking. He gets to the second level and is pretty agile when he gets there.”

Under-Armour All American Profile: “Washington has all the tools to be a big-time collegiate offensive lineman as an impressive 300-pounder who moves like a lightweight. Very athletic for a big man, he’s fluid when pulling and trapping. Also a real fighter in pass protection, taking pride in winning the individual battles.”

GoBlueWolverine Staff, Scout: “With depth all around at the offensive line position, but virtually no starting spots guaranteed, ‘Q’ can come in immediately and push for playing time due to his sheer size and strength.”



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