Profile for 2012 U of M Recruit Dennis Norfleet

Dennis Norfleet -

  • Name: Dennis Norfleet
  • Position: Athlete
  • Height & Weight: 5’9” 170 lbs.
  • High School: Martin Luther King Crusaders (MI)
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On Himself: “I am just a good runner with great vision. I want to win, I want to get those extra yards, and I want to make all-state. I like to run the ball up the middle…so I love it when we run ‘trap’”

His Top Three: “Tennessee, UCLA, and Michigan.”


Jon Jennings, “One word describes Norfleet and that word is explosive. He has a special talent to make something out of nothing on any given touch.  He is an extremely dangerous player in the open field and could be an elite returner at the next level.  He is the type of kid you want to throw bubble screens to in the spread offense.  I see him as a deadly slot in college.”

Sean O’Connell, “Small in stature, but a really explosive kid. In my opinion, unless Dennis grows he will surely be on the offensive side of the ball in college. As a running back Norfleet is an explosive and super shifty runner. He has decent speed and really good vision. I think slot receiver would be the best bet for Norfleet.”

Kyle Warber, “Norfleet is the kind of kid who is going to grab the microphone at the pep rally and make you believe your team will win. He is going to demand the ball at the championship game and you are going to give it to him because of the confidence he exudes.”

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