San Diego State Game Prediction

Ronnie Hillman

All week long, I’ve been writhing about this game. Heck, all offseason I’ve pointed to this game as one that scares the maize and blue blood out of me.

SDSU brings 2 top notch, potential NFL skill players to town in Ryan Lindley and Ronnie Hillman at QB and RB respectively, and they’re both very talented. If you look at the balance they have, the number of looks they’ll give you, its exactly what Michigan OC Al Borges wants Michigan to look like down the road. Pro style passer, tough running back, and knock your socks off offensive line.

On the defensive side, SDSU is exactly what former coach Rich Rodriguez wanted. Fast, undersized, blitzing from everywhere (Hoke stated they’d blitz from the kitchen if they could).

The keys for Michigan will be pressure from the DL. If Lindley has time, he will find his targets. In the snippets of film I’ve watched, he hasn’t seen much of any, how will he handle it?

Fitzgerald Toussaint - 5On the other side of the ball, Michigan MUST run the football (yes Bo, I hear you). SDSU is quick and fast, but undersized. Wear down their defensive line and make them wish they were back on the beach in San Diego.

I also think Michigan should have success with short passing. Bubble screens, slant passes, and screens should counteract the constant Aztec blitzes. Slip a couple tackles, and you get exactly what Michigan has given up the past couple years, big plays.

At the end of the day, SDSU should score some points. Probably more than anyone would like. But Michigan has too many skill people on offense, and SDSU gives up a lot of points.

Michigan’s best defense this week will be its offense, keeping SDSU’s offense off the field. Michigan pulls away in the second half. 38-27.

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