The Blueprint to Filling Out the 2012 Class Part 2

Michigan now has 22 commitments for the 2012 football class and with the final number is still holding firm at 26 spots. Here are the remaining few that could fill out the class.


With Gunner Kiel (Indiana), Maty Mauk (Missouri) and Devin Fuller (Eliminated Michigan) all going elsewhere, it looks very unlikely that Michigan takes a quarterback in this class.

Running Backs (Dunn or none?)

It looks like the running back position is not a major priority this year and it looks like it’s coming down to one guy.Bri'Onte Dunn

1. Bri’onte Dunn. He made his way back up to AA a few weeks ago for the BBQ, but continues to stick with his verbal pledge to OSU. As time goes by it seems that he is warming up more and more to switching to the good guys. One of the reasons for this is his cousin 2013 prospect Dymonte Thomas, who has said that Michigan continues to be his leader. He is also being recruited heavily by fellow Ohioans and current Wolverines Kyle Kalis and Tom Strobel. I still contend that OSU is going to have to receive MAJOR sanctions if Dunn were to flip and with new information still coming out, this seems more and more likely.

2. Greg Garmon. Things have cooled quite a bit with Greg since his visit a few months back. There was some speculation that Michigan was back in the race for him, but those rumors seem to be false at this point.

Wide Receivers (Wanting or 1 or 2)

Darryl Stonum getting a redshirt for the upcoming season relieves some of the pressure of taking two receivers this season, but it is still a need. We need a kid that can stretch the field pretty badly.

1. Amara Darboh. Visited UM a few weeks ago and really liked his visit. Enough so that he is planning a return visit with his family for the Western game. He could very well end his recruitment at that time, but with Florida and a few other new schools knocking at the door he could drag it out for a while.

2. Jordan Payton. The Cali standout recently named Cal and Michigan as his co-favorites. Jordan has planned an official for the ND game.

3. Darius Powe. Another Cali kid who has Michigan in his top two. He plans on making an official to Michigan and plans on a later decision.

4. Monty Madaris. Cancelled his visit to the BBQ and is starting to look pretty unlikely at this point. Nebraska seems to be the leader for his services.


5. Dwayne Stanford. Always insists that a Michigan visit is in the works, but it hasn’t happened quite yet. Not looking great here, but we’ll see.

6. Jehu Chesson. Another BBQ visitor who had a great time. Seems to be down the totem pole a bit, but will likely official.

7. Stefon Diggs. Yes, Stefon Diggs. There has been recent contact between Michigan and Diggs. At this point it seems pretty unlikely that anything will come of this, but if he visits and clears a few hurdles you never know in recruiting.

Offensive Line (Wanting 1?)

This is where the numbers get very interesting. I’m quite sure that if one of the below wanted to commit, the staff would say yes. But what about the others?

1. Jordan Diamond. The long time Michigan lean is still on the market and taking visits. Is the only thing holding him back wanting to get his teammates some pub? There comes a time when you have to look out for your own future, but it’s up to him. The longer this goes, the less cozy I feel.

Jordan Diamond2. Adam Bisnowaty. Visited Michigan a while back and plans on a Septemberish decision.

3. Zach Banner. Freaky athletic for a kid his size. Banner will visit for the Notre Dame game and will probably take all of his visits. It seems that he’s likely to stay out west, but if he wanted to commit down the road you take it right?

4. Joshua Garnett. See #3.

Defensive End (Probably done)

With four or so in the fold already, there may or may not be room for another.

1. Adolphus Washington. Probably the only DE on the board that you would take at this point because he is the top player in Ohio. He seems like an OSU lean, but is keeping his options open. Don’t hold your breath.

Defensive Tackle (Wanting one, possibly done)

With the possibility of sliding Godin and/or Wormley to the 3 tech, we could very well be done here. This is pretty scary to me.

1. Danny O’Brien. If I were to guess I’d say Danny is torn between Tennessee and Michigan. Would UM take his commit?

2. Aziz Shittu. Might visit, longshot.

Cornerbacks (Wanting 1??)

Current verbal Terry Richardson continues his desire to take some officials this fall. The problem for him is the Michigan coaches don’t really like this idea. Therefore, they are keeping their options open.

1. Yuri Wright. Michigan is very, very high on his list and plans to take an official.

2. Armani Reeves. Put Michigan on his list again after some recent contact. He is picking his college choice on Friday with Penn State looking like the winner.