The Michigan Difference

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I’m going to share a story with this community about the impact Michigan has had on my life.
If you don’t care to read it, stop here. K. Leach2

I was a senior in my undergraduate at The Ohio State University in a program that revolves heavily around 1 on 1 relationships with a professor. The man who was overseeing my studies is not an ethical person, a fact I was too naive to understand at the time. I had the misfortune of catching him in a precarious situation with a female colleague of mine. His reaction was to make my life a living hell: harassing me at all hours of the night, threatening my career and physically/mentally assaulting me. I reported all of this to the higher ups at OSU and was ignored.. the issue was swept under the rug and I was left with nothing. I graduated OSU with no desire to continue in my profession and lost direction in my life. When I needed OSU, the institution turned its back on me.  

That summer, I met a man who was also an Ohio State grad. He is on the faculty at Michigan. He encouraged me to move to Ann Arbor, get a day job and begin to heal… maybe my fire and passion would re-ignite. He was right: coached me into having the ability to apply to/get accepted at Michigan for masters study (and even later doctoral), and has steered me into having a vD. Robinson3 ery successful career. Michigan is an institution of integrity, guts, loyalty, truth… the stuff Bo taught us about. Michigan is that place that takes all who love her and returns that love without preconditions. To be a part of the Michigan family is as special as marrying the man/woman you love and raising your own family.

As a fan base, we are weary. Even before the RichRod era, we saw our beloved Wolverines struggle with App St, the Alamo Bowl against Nebraska, multiple consecutive losses to OSU… this decade has not been kind. We came devastatingly close to a national championship game and lost our most beloved teacher and icon.

We cried out when the team was too conservative… we are dying while the team is walking the edge of a knife: running a new system with the youngest team around. Each weekend is emotionally draining, as each starts with promise and hope… some have ended in exhilaration, some in depression.

Deep down, I know The Team will be back… hopefully much sooner than later. Saturday’s are painful right now as I witness the successes of other programs, large and small. I miss seeing a single digit in our poll ranking. I hope the threat of violations from the NCAA goes away so that RR can have an offseason to recruit and teach our young men. We may or may not defeat the Buckeyes next weekend, but no matter who our coach is, no matter how O. Ezeh2poorly/how well our team plays, don’t you dare turn your back on the Wolverines. 

These kids and this coach need us to stay faithful, even more than ever before. If RichRod is not the answer, wish him well when he moves on. I don’t think there is any doubt that he is doing everything he can to lead this program back to the top. If his plan leads the Wolverines back to their rightful place of dominance, celebrate him because he lead us through hell and back. I never, ever thought that I would see the threat of 3 consecutive bowl-less seasons for the Maize and Blue, but I’m going to cheer louder for the school and team that has always believed in me. UM is hurting and needs her fans to stick together until this period of redefining the program is complete and becomes a mere memory that makes us appreciate cheering for the winningest program of all time even more than we did before.

Go Blue! Beat those Buckeyes!

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