The Michigan Quarterback Dilemma

With Zeke Pike committing to Auburn on Wednesday, what does Michigan do about the future of the quarterback position? I have to imagine that they want to sign a QB nearly every year and this year IMO is very critical that we do. So where do we go from here? Below are a list of potential candidates.

Most Likely Candidates

Austin Appleby – North Canton, OH – 6’5" 230. Good sized kid. There have been a few rumors that he’s been offered, but I have not been able to confirm this yet. He has decent mobility and a good arm. He did miss part of last season due to a knee injury, so there are some questions with his health. Offers: Akron, Kent State, Temple and Toledo.

Tyler O’Connor – Lima, OH – 6’3" 210. I actually like him more than Appleby. Throws very well on the run and can really spin the ball. WOTS is that interest has been gaining with him over the past week with the knowledge of Pike likely committing to Auburn. Offers: Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, West Virginia and some MAC schools.


The Next Group

Maty Mauk – Kenton, OH – 6’1"  190. The consensous thought is that Mauk will pick Notre Dame at any time. Mauk puts up a ton of stats in a pass happy offense that plays poor competition. I’m not quite as high on him as some others, but he’d be a good pick-up. Right now he’s looking like ND’s to lose. Offers: Cincinnati, Illinois, Missouri, Notre Dame and Vandy.

Lower Tier

Gunner Kiel – Columbus, IN – 6’4"  220. The nation’s top quarterback according to, Kiel was once thought to also be a ND lean, but keeps his recruitment rather quiet. Unless things have picked up behind the scenes, I don’t see much going on hereBennie Coney. Offers: Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Wisconsin among many others.

Bennie Coney – Plant City, FL – 6’2"  205. Origionally offered by the old staff, Coney consistantly maintains that Michigan is in his top five. There have been some personal issues with Coney in the past and I just don’t see this one either. Offers: Auburn, Florida State, LSU, Michigan State and Notre Dame among others.

Brian Blackburn – Detroit, MI – 6’5"  215. No offer yet, but this has been gaining a little steam as well. He is a nice looking athlete and has made big strides in his technique since last year, but he is still a bit of a project. He could get an offer at some point, but I have to think that there are a few more guys ahead of him on the board. Offers: Central Michigan.

Jake Rodrigues – Rocklin, CA – 6’2"  185. A very athletic kid. I have not heard anything about him and his interest in Michigan. His only other offer is from Washington, so if he takes his visits you would have to think our chances of getting one is good.

A Few More Possibilities

Bart Houston – Concord, CA – 6’4"  201. Offers: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, UCLA, Washington and Wisconsin.

Wes Lunt – Rochester, IL – 6’5"  205. Offers: Boston College, Illinois, Louisville, Michigan State, SMU and Vandy.