Michigan Lax Recruiting Update


Great news for the University of Michigan Lacrosse team as they have grabbed two new faces for the 2012 class, and one individual who I had talked to weeks ago before he gave his commitment.

It’s nice to see that Brendan Gaughan (La Costa, CA), a big lefty attackman, something Michigan really needs more of, has committed to the newly elevated NCAA team. Him and I discussed many different elements of his game, and even the elements people brought up about how his skills may have been lacking. However, rest assured everyone as Brendan has already proven he can play with both hands equally as well, and has been hitting the gym hard to fill out his tall frame. I think Inside Lacrosse did a pretty good job with this, but they left out two other teams that were possibilities, and that was Vermont and Air Force, with Air Force being a pretty good team as well. I think the fact that Erik Magnuson and Brendan are good friends played well into the decision in a small fashion, but it will help the transition greatly on both parts.


We look forward to his contributions and even to Chris Walker’s (LSM/D) contributions, who is from Brother Rice, right in Michigan, the best school in the state for lacrosse, yes I said it and you all know why! Great time for the University of Michigan Lacrosse team right now, two solid recruits, and still more time, let’s see who JP can lock down next!

Chris Walker #24

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  1. Love the lacrosse recuiting post. The more lax coverage the better. Did you go to Brother Rice Josh?

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