2011 Football Recruiting Board

2012 Michigan Football Recruiting Board


Projected 2011 Recruiting ClassTotal Offers Extended As Of 9/8: 167
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Pos.NameH.S.ScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
CBGreg BrownFremont Ross (OH)rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
CBDelonte HollowellCass Tech (MI)rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
WRShawn ConwayBirm. Seaholm (MI)rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
OLJack MillerSt. Johns (OH)rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
DEBrennen BeyerPlym. Canton (MI)rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
DEChris RockSt. Francis DeSales (OH)rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
QBKevin SousaLake Nona (FL)rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
OLJake FisherT.C. West (MI)rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
LBKellen JonesSt. Pius X (TX)rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
OLTony PosadaPlant (FL)rating rating ratingrating rating rating
QB (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Cardale JonesGlenville (OH)Checkmark1rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Brett HundleyChandler (AZ)Checkmark1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Darius JenningsGilman (MD)Checkmark1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating

RB (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Demetrius HartDr. Phillips (FL)Checkmark 4rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Andrew BuieTrinity (FL)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
DeVondrick NealyJefferson County (FL)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Allan WasongaParkersburg (WV)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Savon HugginsSt. Peters (NJ)Checkmark1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Miles ShulerLong Branch (NJ)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Quan BrayCallaway (GA)Checkmark1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating rating
Mike BlakelyManatee (FL)Checkmark1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Rodney CoeEdwardsville (IL)Checkmark1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Thomas RawlsFlint Northern (MI)3rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Shaquan ColesCurtis (NY)1rating rating
A.J. Jordan - Scout.com
WR (Outside Outlook; Inside Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
A.J. JordanTrotwood-Madison (OH)Checkmark3rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Prince HollowayCape Coral (FL)Checkmark3rating ratingrating rating rating
Dondi KirbyGateway (PA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Hakeem FlowersHampton (SC)Checkmark3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Sammy WatkinsS. Ft. Myers (FL)Checkmark 3rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Quinta FunderburkOscar Smith (VA)Checkmark2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Curtric EvansChaminade Madonna (FL)Checkmark 1rating rating ratingrating rating rating
George FarmerJunipero Serra (CA)Checkmark1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating rating
DeAnthony ArnettSaginaw (MI)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
DaVaris DanielsVernon Hills (IL)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Damiere ByrdTimber Creek (NJ)3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Vincent DallasCedar Groves (GA)2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Action News   Scout - GFarmer Drew Owens - Scout.com

TE (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Jack TabbRed Bank Catholic (NJ)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Taques FranklinManchester (NJ)Checkmark2rating rating rating
Drew OwensArdrey Kell (NC)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Jay RomeValdosta (GA)Checkmark1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Jamare MillsDublin Scioto (OH)2rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating

OT (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Ray BallWesterville-South (OH) Checkmark3rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Paul GaughanDunmore (PA)Checkmark2rating rating ratingrating rating rating
James ElliottCatholic (FL)Checkmark2rating rating
Brandon ShellGoose Creek (SC) Checkmark1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Errin JoeLake Gibson (FL)Checkmark1rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Aundrey WalkerGlenville (OH)Checkmark1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Patrick FlavinBenet Academy (IL)2rating rating ratingrating rating rating

Jake Fisher - Scout.com   BucklandMedia - Zettel Chris Bryant - Scout.com
OG (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Anthony ZettelOgemaw Heights (MI)Checkmark 4rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Gregory RobinsonThibodaux (LA)Checkmark2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Chris BryantSimeon Vocat. (IL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Kody WoodsPike (IN)2rating rating rating

C (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Cyrus HobbiSaguaro (AZ)Checkmark3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
DE (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Deion BarnesNortheast (PA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
B.J. DuBoseNortheast (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Ray DrewThomas (GA)Checkmark 2rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating rating
Giorgio NewberryFort Pierce (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Brandon FulseFt. Meade (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Jon LewisKlein Oak (TX)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Deon LeeWalton (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Ishaq WilliamsLincoln (NY)Checkmark 2rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Delvon SimmonsMcKeesport (PA)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
James AdeyanjuCurie Metro. (IL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
A.J. JohnsonGainesville (GA)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Anthony ChickilloAlonso (FL)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Jadeveon ClowneySouth Pointe (SC)Checkmark 1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating rating
Robert MinceyFairfield (OH)2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating

 Deion Barnes - Scout.com Mickey Johnson - Scout.com James Adeyanju - Rivals.com

DT (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Darian CooperDeMatha (MD)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Mickey JohnsonSt. Pauls (LA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Damon KnoxMuskegon (MI)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Tim JerniganColumbia (FL)Checkmark 1rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Kevin McReynoldsSt. Johns (DC)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating


OLB (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Kris FrostButler (NC)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Jason GibsonJunipero Serra (CA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Curtis GrantHermitage (VA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Branden JacksonMcKeesport (PA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Sean DugganSt. Xavier (OH)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Gionni PaulKathleen (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Dexter StaleyWilliston-Elko (SC)Checkmark 2rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Armstead WilliamsGateway (PA)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Woodson GreerJunipero Serra (CA)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Keith LewisFreedom (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Lateek TownsendMarlboro (SC)Checkmark 1rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Armonze DanielAvon (IN)  3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Lamar Dawson - Rivals.com  Ed Davis - Scout.com Kevin Frost - Scout.com
MLB (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Lamar DawsonBoyle Co (KY)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Travis HughesKempsville (VA)Checkmark 2rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Antonio PooleWinton Woods (OH)  3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
CB (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Doran GrantSt. Vincent-St. Mary (OH)Checkmark 3rating rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Dallas CrawfordS. Ft. Myers (FL)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Demetrius NicholsonBayside (VA)Checkmark 2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Marqise LeeJunipero Serra (CA)Checkmark 2rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Charles JacksonKlein Collins (TX)Checkmark 1rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Daren KitchenVandebilt Catholic (LA)4rating rating ratingrating rating rating

 MarcoNews - DCrawford Avery Walls - Rivals.com Valdex Showers - Scout.com

S (Outlook)High SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Avery WallsUnion Grove (GA)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
LaQuentin SmithDr. Phillips (FL)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating 
Wayne LyonsDillard (FL)Checkmark 3rating rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating rating
Johnathan AikenChaminade Madonna (FL)Checkmark 2rating rating rating rating rating 
Sheldon RoysterSt. Peters (NJ)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating

ATHHigh SchoolOfferInterest LevelScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile
Darius PattonPoland Sem. (OH)Checkmark 3rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating
Austin TraylorWalnut Ridge (OH)Checkmark 2rating rating ratingrating rating rating ratingrating rating rating
Tanner McEveyBergen Cath. (NJ)Checkmark 1rating rating rating ratingrating rating ratingrating rating rating

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ScoutProfile RivalsProfile ESPNProfile

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