Akron Game Prediction

Nobody entering the Big House this Saturday will expect the electricity we witnessed in UTL2.  Akron enters on a 27 game road losing streak, and in spite of them squeaking by James Madison at home last weekend, this game should get ugly early. I had initially written a breakdown of what to expect when Michigan had the ball and vice versa, and  I could go into position by position breakdowns but frankly they just don’t matter this week (and next, quite). Michigan will score plenty, Akron will not.

The key this week is getting out healthy, and healing those with "boo-boos" from ND along with getting key backups meaningful snaps. There is a ton of quality underclassmen on this team, and many will be called upon in the B1G season. The next two games will afford the experience needed to make a run. 

Michigan Wolverines 53 Akron Fighting Sweatervests 12

The Michigan Quarterback Dilemma

With Zeke Pike committing to Auburn on Wednesday, what does Michigan do about the future of the quarterback position? I have to imagine that they want to sign a QB nearly every year and this year IMO is very critical that we do. So where do we go from here? Below are a list of potential candidates.

Most Likely Candidates

Austin Appleby – North Canton, OH – 6’5" 230. Good sized kid. There have been a few rumors that he’s been offered, but I have not been able to confirm this yet. He has decent mobility and a good arm. He did miss part of last season due to a knee injury, so there are some questions with his health. Offers: Akron, Kent State, Temple and Toledo.

Tyler O’Connor – Lima, OH – 6’3" 210. I actually like him more than Appleby. Throws very well on the run and can really spin the ball. WOTS is that interest has been gaining with him over the past week with the knowledge of Pike likely committing to Auburn. Offers: Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, West Virginia and some MAC schools.


The Next Group

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