Big Ten Week 7 Pickoff

The staff weighs in:

 RecordWisconsin @ IndianaPurdue @ IowaPenn State @ NebraskaMinnesota @ IllinoisNorthwestern @ Michigan
Ryan Callihan25-6WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Matt Brinkman23-8WisconsinIowa2LogoMinnesotamichigan logo
Joseph Boyd23-8WisconsinIowa2LogoIllinoismichigan logo
Jon Jennings22-9WisconsinIowa2LogoMinnesotamichigan logo
Clint Derringer22-9WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Sean O’Connell22-9WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Lance Callihan21-10WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Todd Male21-10IndianaIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo

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Conference by Conference Bowl Game Spread Projections

If the 2011/2012 Bowl Games play out how Vegas thinks they will then the PAC 12 and B1G conferences may be heading to a bloodbath. The following chart shows how the conferences would play in their respective bowl games if the spreads hold true:

BIG 126-20-1
BIG EAST2-31-2
PAC 121-60-1
The swing games represent the conference’s predicted record in the games that currently have spreads of 3 points or less. According to Vegas, they could go either way. This is where it gets sticky for the B1G Ten Conference, the only three games they’re predicted to win are by 3 points or less: Purdue, Michigan & Illinois. The rest of teams are favored to lose and only two of them by 3 points or less: Nebraska & Ohio State. The other 5 teams are all currently facing spreads larger than 3 points. The only bowl game in which the PAC 12 is favored to win Oregon over Wisconsin. While it could get really ugly for them as out of their 6 projected losses, only one team (UCLA), is the underdog by under 3 points. The only game an SEC team isn’t favored is the National Championship Game.

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