Eleonore Rocks: Mott Children’s Hospital

Over the years many people have been touched by the University of Michigan health care system.  Of course being from Michigan, now living in Missouri, I even have my own story.  Nevertheless, while you may read mostly sports articles about football, lacrosse, softball, or even hockey from us, most of those individuals go on to do even greater things in life that we often may not ever hear about.  Moreover, the University of Michigan does even more than we ever dreamed of in many aspects, and some of you who are reading this can agree with the technology they incorporate, and especially with how innovative they try to be everyday.  Just a cut above the rest is how I try to view them.  My story started as I was already out of school, my brother in his Senior year in high school, a star athlete on both sides of the ball in the Ann Arbor area.  After a win one Saturday morning, like after every game mostly, numerous players would head out to eat as a team, and while heading home, something was just not in their favor, as a car backed out, the driver of their vehicle going too fast at that time, swerved, the car rolled, everyone remained inside but one individual who was thrown from the car.

Protocol from such an impact that they had is to ensure no internal injuries were sustained, and while the individual thrown from the vehicle soon found out he was paralyzed from the waist down, my brother was about to find out something that was possibly going to take his life as well.  While at the hospital, the children’s hospital, they spotted something, which they thought was on his heart at first, but soon found out it was a softball sized tumor growing around his esophagus.  It was so big that if they didn’t do something about it soon, he was running a chance of slowly dying and his airway being cutoff.  Basically being choked slowly to death.  Now, you would have to know my brother, so stubborn, such apart of any team he was involved with that he talked it over with my parents, that against the directions and remarks from the doctors, he continued and finished his season playing football with this tumor around his esophagus, still growing, and finished the season All-State.  Not to mention he also had to gigantic elbows from elbow bursitis from getting hit so much, and they didn’t want that getting any worse either.  Yet he went on to win many awards, and right as the last game ended in the playoffs, he went in for surgery the very next day.  It was a success, and now because of how successful it was, he is now serving proudly in the Marines and protecting our country everyday since 2007.

So why all this about the new hospital, and even Eleonore Rocks?  Well, the triathlon team I am apart of takes in donations throughout our season as a 501 (c)(3) and we then donate in various ways and put strict stipulations on how that money will be spent, or we even donate chairs.  The purpose of our team is to donate in support of terminally ill children around the country in various regions.  The main focus on this article is because the Mott Children’s Hospital is a place I want to give back and I want to ensure they understand they are appreciated, not only because we are fans, but because we appreciate everything they do in trying to ensure the health of our loved one’s no matter what state they are in.  What I am asking is donations in my name, as they will go for this donation to Mott’s, which I am trying to setup and have been in contact with numerous individuals there already, and the best thing about this donation is the fact that once the triathlon season ends here soon, Andy Potts will be available.  For those of you who are triathletes know who this amazing athlete is, and we will be planning on ensuring that he can make it there for this donation and event as well since he was a tremendous athlete for the University of Michigan, and is still a tremendous professional triathlete to this day.  As the time nears closer I will post the date when this happens, but until then, donations can be made by going to this link for my donation page and you can choose ANY amount you want to donate, as we were looking to donate chairs to the NICU unit.  As I said, as it gets closer, I can give more information because it would be great to have some of you even meet Andy!  Until then, any questions, concerns, comments, please email me at josh@umgoblue.com or message me on Twitter @TheRealHag