Western Michigan Game Prediction

Finally. Game day is upon us. Oops, Mississippi State just scored again. Sorry, flashbacks. Its been the perpetual nightmare for the better part of the past 9 months.
The good news is a new season is like rebirth. It brings new hope. And while there’s still a LONG way to go to return to the level of, well, respectability, there certainly is a TON to be excited and hopeful for.

Bill Cubit rides his Broncos to town, wanting a different result that 2009, where Michigan laid the wood early, staking a 28-0 halftime lead, before limping a bit in the latter half in a 31-7 final.

Boom! Chris Reif with another touchdown pass…. Arrrrgh, damnit, not again…. Crap, this season HAS to start. NOW! Damn that 1-1-9 Defense, how can we not…. Oh nevermind.

Western returns its top passer, RB and WR from last year, and have the potential to be explosive on that side of the ball. Junior QB Alex Carder is on many preseason award watch lists, and has received great praise this week from Michigan coaches (and its not opponent coach speak) calling him a future NFL signal caller. He has a great target in Jordan White, a semifinalist for the Biletnikoff award in 2010, after setting a program record with 1378 receiving yards.

One of the big areas of weakness on the offensive side of the ball for WMU would have to be along the offensive line. Having to already replace 3 graduated lineman, 3 injuries in fall camp have the group limping in, sans former UM lineman Dann O’Neil who transferred after the 2008 season. The Broncos will start a couple Junior College transfers along the line.

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Impact Redshirt Freshmen Countdown: #7th – Jordan Paskorz

UMGoBlog Recruiting ProfileJordan Paskorz

Redshirt freshmen step onto the field every year after spending the previous season watching and learning. Sometimes they are buried on the depth chart and other times they are not mentally or physically ready to play Division 1 Football. This week we will be counting down our Top 7 Impact Redshirt Freshmen.  Coming in at 7th, Jordan Paskorz committed to Michigan as a consensus 3-star prospect by Rivals, Scout & ESPN as part of Rich Rodriguez’s 2010 class. When asked why he chose to come to Ann Arbor, he said it was meeting Rich Rodriguez:

“That’s basically what sealed the deal. The first time I went up there this year [in April], I didn’t get to meet him. This time I talked to him and I really felt like he wanted me there.”

He chose Michigan over offers from Pittsburgh, Virginia & Minnesota. In 2010, Scouts Inc. said of Paskorz:

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Captions By Our Readers….

We asked yesterday on Twitter for followers to provide captions for this photo of Athletic Director David Brandon & Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson. Here are most of them (we had to remove a few that weren’t appropriate):

@hailuofm – The defense was good but the coordinator chaser left a bad taste in my mouth

@JmakeMsay – Sooo I saw that picture floating around of you picking your nose on the sideline….

@SpawnsTitleIX – you sir, are dead to me! now go get my pizza.

@GreekMoose71 – why did he order from Pizza Hut and not Dominos??

@barrymarshall – Dead Man Walking

@mvonsteinfort – Sometimes the crust needs to be changed to improve the pizza…

@mgobrian – “Robinson runs the wheel route to the cooler.”

@bradelders – you may keep your jacket as a souvenir of your employment here.

@jodman257 – Go get my car, I’ll be waiting over here

@ScarlettL – “thanks for the sour patch kids, budddy! But now I need to floss”

@Ldublu70 – “Well, he took the news better than I though he would. I’m hungry. How ‘bout some pizza?”

@brogers42 – he better run to get my coffee, we sure aren’t paying him to coach defense

@suicidea7 – “nice knowing you Greg, I hope this new gas station is hiring”

@MichaelHadley3 – His breath is worse than his defense…

@grrce – “defense is just as bad as his kisses. I have an awful taste in my mouth.”

@McConnaghy – “Get to work on your resume son”

@hokieguru – “Thank heavens I took the last of the beer.”

If anyone else has a different take, feel free to leave it as a comment below.

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