Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff Standings

Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff Standings

Our Season Long Contest is now complete. Congrats to ZoltanMeskoFanClub on winning the first place prize of a new slim PS3 or XBox 360. UM Football21 for winning a FatHead of Desmond Howard and to alans26 for winning the autographed book.
Final Standings


Overall Big Ten Playoff Points



UM Football21


















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The Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff

2010 Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff

The following ten forum members are in the Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff for the Prizes (PS3/360, Desmond Fathead, Autographed Book):

alans26 WolvyMike
crony3289 jbr12
ZoltanMeskoFanClub rockediny
CWoodson4Life UM Football21
TheWhat1124 umgoblue14

The Big Ten Bowl Game Playoff asks for everyone to predict the scores of the bowl games that involve Big Ten Teams. (I decided to also include Nebraska) Points will be awarded to entries for each game based on 1) whether or not they chose the winner 2) then on the corresponding margin of victory or defeat. For the first 6 games on this list, points will be awarded 10-9-8-7..1. For the Gator Bowl (since it does involve Michigan) points will be awarded 15-13.5-12-10.5-9-7.5….1.5 scale – For the BCS Games, points will be awarded 20-18-16-14-12-10….2.

Insight Bowl – Iowa vs. Missouri – December 28

Texas Bowl – Illinois vs. Baylor – December 29

Holiday Bowl – Nebraska vs. Washington – December 30

TicketCity Bowl – Northwestern vs. Texas Tech – January 1

Outback Bowl – Penn State vs. Florida – January 1

Capital One Bowl – Michigan State vs. Alabama – January 1

Gator Bowl – Michigan vs. Mississippi State – January 1

BCS Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs. TCU – January 1

BCS Sugar Bowl – Ohio State vs. Arkansas – January 4

Scenarios to explain the point system. Entry A predicts Michigan by 8. Entry B predicts Michigan by 14. Entry C predicts Mississippi State by 1. Michigan actually wins the game by 1. Entry A would get the most points followed by Entry B and finally Entry C. Since the first two entries first predicted Michigan to win they get credence over Entry C. Now if two entries both predict the same margin of victory, then the tiebreaker would be who actually predicted a score closest to the actual outcome. If two entries predict the same score, they will split the points equally.

This thread will be locked on December 28, 2010. Up until that time you may change your picks as much as you like. There is definitely a sense of strategy. Being the only one to predict a certain team to win is a major risk, get it right and you get first place and the most points for that game, get it wrong and you get the least points and are behind the 8 ball in this competition.