Iowa Game Prediction

Here we are, at the end of the home slate of Team 133’s season. Amazing as the years go by, how quickly they seem to pass.

The drama surrounding Denard Robinson’s injury continues, and I’m not sure we’ll even know anything until after the Ohio game. Don’t be surprised to see him play some Saturday, whether its QB or RB, even if its just a few plays for Senior Day. Regardless of whether you love Denard, or despise him because you can’t stand him as a passer, you can’t really argue what he’s meant to Michigan Football in his four years. He has been literally the face of Michigan Football. I, for one, will be sad to see him go. I’ve been going to Michigan games since the Anthony Carter days, and while I’ve seen some incredible teams and players, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone as electric as Denard. Sure Desmond could take it to the house every time he touched the ball, but so can Denard, and he handles the ball on every play.

Most of us welcome the return to Michigan offense we’ve seen for the better part of the last 20+ years after the bowl game. But we have 3 games left where Denard could play, and if he sees the field, please embrace witnessing him play. It may be awhile before we see someone as dynamic as him.

Iowa quite frankly brings a team of disappointment to town. Few expected them to truly contend for the Legends division title, but even fewer anticipated them being 4-6 at this point, with a loss to CMU in there as well.

The Hawkeye’s defense has been respectable of late (and we may be calling on them next week to slow Nebraska down to keep our title hopes alive!) but their offense has been abysmal. When you need to rely on your team to run the football, have lost multiple starting offensive linemen and several running backs to season ending injuries, and your QB is relatively immobile, yet completes passes at a clip similar to a dreadlocked super athlete across the field, trouble will ensue. QB James Vandenberg has thrown more interceptions (6) than TD (5). That spells trouble for a Hawkeye team who will need to score in the 20’s to be in the game.

Sadly for them, Michigan sends its 23 seniors out in their last game in the Big House happy. Michigan 34 Iowa 16.

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Big Ten Week 7 Pickoff

The staff weighs in:

 RecordWisconsin @ IndianaPurdue @ IowaPenn State @ NebraskaMinnesota @ IllinoisNorthwestern @ Michigan
Ryan Callihan25-6WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Matt Brinkman23-8WisconsinIowa2LogoMinnesotamichigan logo
Joseph Boyd23-8WisconsinIowa2LogoIllinoismichigan logo
Jon Jennings22-9WisconsinIowa2LogoMinnesotamichigan logo
Clint Derringer22-9WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Sean O’Connell22-9WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Lance Callihan21-10WisconsinIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo
Todd Male21-10IndianaIowa2PSUMinnesotamichigan logo

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2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings (9/1/2012)

1. Michigan (23) No additions in August.

2. Notre Dame (19) Added former 3 star Penn State verbal Will Fuller (WR-PA).

3. Ohio State (16) No additions in August.

4. Nebraska (14) Added three stars Zach Hannon (OT-MO) and Jonathan Cook (CB-AL).

5. Illinois (19) Added three stars Martize Barr (JC-WR-IA), Reggie Spearman (LB-IL) and Darwyn Kelly (S-DC). Also added un-ranked prospect Miguel Hermosillo (RB-IL).

6. Northwestern (17) Added three stars Keith Watkins (RB-OH) and Godwin Igwebuike (S-OH).

7. Iowa (17) Added un-ranked Matthew VandeBerg (WR-SD).

8. Wisconsin (12) Added three star Alec James (DE-WI).

9. Michigan State (13) Added three stars Demetrius Cooper (DE-IL) and Dennis Finley (OT-MI).

10. Penn State (10) Added un-ranked Jordan Smith (CB-DC). Zach Bradshaw (3* WR), William Fuller (3* WR) and Dorian Johnson (4* OT) all de-committed in August.

11. Purdue (10) Added three star Dwayne Johnson (OT-TX)

12. Indiana (8) Added four star Antonio Allen (S-IN), three star Chase Dutra (S-IN) and un-ranked prospect Myles Graham (RB-FL).

13. Minnesota (6) Added un-ranked Jalen Myrick (CB-GA).

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2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings (8/1/2012)

Monthly Big Ten (& Notre Dame) Recruiting Rankings (Last Month: July):


Michigan Banner


Added four star Ross Douglas (CB-OH) just days after his de-commitment from Penn State.



Notre Dame Banner18

Added four star prospects Alex Anzalone (LB-PA) and Jamel James (RB-TX).  (Editor Note: Anzalone was a previous O$U Commit.)


Ohio State Banner


Added three star prospects Taivon Jacobs (WR-MD) and Tim Gardner (OT-IN).

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2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings (7/9/2012)

Monthly Big Ten (& Notre Dame) Recruiting Rankings:
1.Michigan Banner22

Added four star defensive tackles Henry Poggi (DT-MD) and Maurice Hurst Jr. (DT-MA) as well as unranked long snapping prospect Scott Sypniewski (ranked as one of the top LS in the nation) and sleeper cornerback Channing Stribling (CB-NC).

2.Notre Dame Banner17

Added four linebacker prospects in five star Jaylon Smith (IN), four star Alex Anzalone (PA) and three stars Michael Deeb (FL) and Danny Mattingly (WA).

3.Ohio State Banner14

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