Michigan State Game Prediction

The long wait is finally over, the bye week is done, the anticipation has built, and Michigan prepares to travel to East Lansing for another 60 minutes of unnecessary roughness. The toughest, hardest hitting, slugfest of the year. With Paul Bunyan finally home after earning his associates degree at MSU the previous four years, and a situation where Michigan can’t lose and expect to earn a berth in Indianapolis, all is riding on this one. Jeremy Gallon - UMGoBlue.com

Predicting Michigan football is as about as easy as a couch escaping an East Lansing party without third degree burns. With youth, comes inconsistency.  10 guys do a great job on a play and one misses an assignment and the play fails.

The key to this game outside of the turnover battle is Michigan establishing the run with players other than Devin Gardner. Whether it’s the jet sweep with Dennis Norfleet, or between the tackles with Fitz Toussaint and Derrick Green, Michigan must establish some form of a running game.

MSU likes to load the box and leave their corners on islands. Lining Devin Funchess up outside or in the slot, and making him go up and get passes can make them drop their safeties back to prevent that ND further open an inconsistent run game.

Michigan’s defense is better than it has portrayed the past two games, and has a chance to assert itself against an equally puzzling offense. Slowing the run game, which will reduce the Spartan’s play action passing is another key.

In the end, I don’t see MSU scoring more than 20 points offensively, unless they’re set up with short fields by their defense. Can Michigan move the ball effectively and take their shots when given? Michigan will score just enough, and take care of the ball equally as well as MSU, and squeak out a win,

Michigan 21 MSU 20

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Poor Sparty

If recruiting truly is the life blood of any program as many college coaches like to say, then Sparty will have a date with the ICU very soon. Coaching clichés, commMark Dantonioonly referred to as “coach speak”, are often given out for the purpose of exciting fans or giving the media good sound bites. Most coach speak is not informative and leads to eye rolls and audible sighs. After all, what coaching staff doesn’t want “maximum effort” from their players, or believe that “the team that controls the line of scrimmage and doesn’t turn the ball over wins the game?” Recruiting as the lifeblood of a program isn’t just coach speak however.

Recruiting great talent is critical in building a program that will compete and win at the highest level. John Calipari likes to say that there are 3 important factors in building a great team. #1 is recruiting, #2 is recruiting, and #3 is recruiting. Techniques, schemes, player development, and strength & conditioning are all important factors, but talent trumps them all. Teams with extraordinary talent lacking those qualities have won championships in the past, see 2001 Miami under Larry Coker. On the other side, it is very difficult to win without a minimum level of talent even if you have all the other qualities. If you rely on factors other than talent, eventually it will catch up to you. Usually it catches up when facing a team that is as well coached and conditioned as you are, but has significantly more talent. The 2010 Capital One Bowl between Michigan State and Alabama is a good example. Michigan State fans have reason to be terrified that such incidents will increase in frequency, both in B1G play and nationally. Fear is very much warranted because of what is transpiring in recruiting.

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