I took the Wonderlic Test

During a job interview last week I was given the Wonderlic Test. Heading into the interview I had no idea it was going to be adWonderlicministered nor had I really ever taken the time to figure out how the test is given or what questions it asks. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is a 50 question, 12 minute exam designed to measure the learning and problem-solving abilities of potential employees. The scoring scale is one point per correct answer. Subjects with average intelligence are expected to score in the area of 20 points, and those who can’t muster double-digits are considered to be illiterate.

Two Sample Questions:

1) In the following set of words, which word is different from the others? 1) copper, 2) nickel, 3) aluminum, 4) wood, 5) bronze.

2) A rectangular bin, completely filled, holds 640 cubic feet of grain. If the bin is 8 feet wide and 10 feet long, how deep is it?

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Grading The Performance: Ohio


Players at Michigan are ultimately judged by how they perform against Ohio. While all position groups have to deal with an added level of expectation against the Buckeyes, no position group endures more pressure than the QBs. QBs are judged above all else by their record and performance against Ohio. For much of the last decade Michigan fans have seen their QB’s outperformed by their Buckeye counterparts. Names like Krenzel, Smith, and Pryor have made more plays in the clutch and fewer critical mistakes than Wolverine QBs. Over the last decade Ohio QBs have outperformed Michigan’s QBs, until Saturday.

Denard Robinson rose to the occasion on Saturday and simply willed the Wolverines to victory. Every time the Buckeyes made a play to take the lead or tie the game, Denard came right back to make a play of his own. Denard performed at the highest of levels on the biggest of stages; became a legend in the process. During one stretch of the game, Robinson completed 11 straight passes and was the most accurate that he’s been this season. The most impressive part of Robinson’s performance, from a passing standpoint, was that he was the most accurate while making the most difficult throws. Denard threw a perfect 15 yd corner route to Drew Dileo that would have gone for a TD had Dileo stayed on his feet. Denard also hit Junior Hemingway on a perfect strike between a safety and a corner. Denard made the difficult throws look easy, something that seems truly amazing when you think back of the season. In addition, Denard showed a tremendous amount of patience before hitting Odoms for a TD. There were no back foot, chuck the ball up for grabs plays, the kind that have gotten Denard into trouble all season. Denard was dialed in from the first snap and amazing enough continued to elevate his level of play throughout the game.

On the ground, Denard ran harder and with more decisiveness than he has since arriving at Michigan. There was only one play where Denard hesitated instead of making up his mind and taking off. Denard burned Nebraska last week with his scrambling ability and he did the same to the Buckeyes this week. Anytime Ohio vacated its LBs from the middle of the field, Denard took off which was great to see. Denard also did a great job on the zone read, an area that he has struggled with his whole career. Denard was determined not to let Michigan lose and he ran like it.

The only imperfections on the day for Denard Robinson were the two balls he put on the ground. On the first play Robinson was ruled down. On the second, Ohio got the ball in Michigan territory and scored a few plays later.

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Ohio State Game Preview

Michigan vs. Ohio State (2010) Football Game Preview


After being ran over by Wisconsin last week, the Michigan Wolverines now have their biggest game of the season this week against long time rival, the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Buckeyes have one of the top offenses in all of college football. Led by one of the nations top quarterbacks Terrelle Pryor, the Buckeyes offense averages 446.2 yards of offense per game (18th in the nation). Pryor this season has thrown for 23 touchdowns and 2,331 yards, while rushing for 590 yards and four touchdowns. His top two receiving targets are Dane Sanzenbacher (818 yards, 9 TDs) and Dever Posey (695 yards, 5 TDs). The Wolverines defense also needs to watch out for running Dan Herron, who has ran for 893 yards and 14 touchdowns. After the Wolverines terrible defensive performance last week against Wisconsin, in which they allowed 357 yards of rushing, I expect that the Buckeyes are going to be calling Herron’s number a ton. The Buckeyes are averaging close to 40 points of game on offense, while the Wolverines defense is one of the worst, allowing close to 34 points per game. It looks like things are not going to be too pretty this week for the Wolverines defense, as they have shown they are one of the worst defenses in the nation.

The Wolverines offense faces a tough Buckeyes defense, which is one of the top defensive units in the nation. The Buckeyes are only allowing 13.9 points per game (5th in the nation), while also only surrendering a measly 241.5 yards per game (3rd in the nation). The defense is led by one of the nation’s top defensive lineman, Cameron Heyward, who has recorded 9.5 tackles for loss this season, and linebacker Brian Rolle, who leads the team in tackles with 62. Denard Robinson, who became the first player in NCAA history to run for 1,500 yards and throw for 1,500 yards, leads this Wolverines offense against the Buckeyes defense. It’s no different than any other week. If the Wolverines are going to find any success moving the ball against this stout Buckeyes defense, Robinson is going to have to carry the team on his back.

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How To Win An Autographed Picture of Marcus Ray Decking David Boston


Contest Rules:

This will be a simple contest. Simply answer:

1) Who will have more total offense: Denard vs. Pryor?

2) Who will score the longest touchdown (Any Player On Either Team)?

3) Final Score?

How To Enter:

1) Tweet @umgoblog with all three of your answers in a single tweet. (Ex: Denard-Roundtree-MICH28-24)

2) Leave a comment, with your answers, below with your e-mail address

3) Enter your answer in the contest thread.

Picture is an 8 x 10 that comes with a COA. It was purchased for the sole purpose of being given away in a contest to fans of Michigan. I repeat fans of Michigan. If the winning entry screams Buckeye, they will not receive this prize, so don’t even enter.