Eleonore Rocks – 2012 Season

As 2011 comes to a close, 2012 brings many new opportunies from everyone across the nation.  No more is that apparent than for Eleonore rocks, as I mentioned yesterday in my article about our amazing alum, Andy Potts.  In fact, 2012 is looking to be not only a great racing season for the team, but the expansion of the team has started to take a global approach already in it’s short time.  Our plans for this year are not only to continue to effectively spread the word about the foundation, raise money for the terminally ill children and their families, but offer our fans and supporters a more intimate  experience as well with all of our athlete’s being more active with posting pictures, chatting with our community, and even working together to find more families and places to donate.

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Andy Potts: Eleonore Rocks

Many individuals have made their way into the triathlon world to have fun, reach goals, or even compete.  Moreover, in some cases we have those few individuals who want to make a difference that are driven not only from their success, but also from their experience from people that are very close and dear to them.  This was the case for University of Michigan alum, Andy Potts.

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