Wicked Rags: A Hockey Solution

Pic for UMBlog

What was it that gave you the idea originally?

I have played hockey my whole life; I have dealt with the hassle of getting dressed for the past 15 plus years. In my opinion, the worst part of getting dressed is putting on your undergarments, garter belt, jock, and socks. When I came back from playing out east, I went to Albion College and did not skate for almost 2 years. My senior year in college I went skating with my buddies, I was getting dressed, and that is when I thought there has to be a more efficient way of putting on your undergarments. I wanted to design a next generation jock that included everything into a one-piece performance undergarment with the socks attached via being sewn on, which eliminates the Velcro issue.

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The Big Chill at the Big House

While the Michigan Football team is preparing over the next few weeks for their bowl game, YES, we get a bowl game this year, we get to celebrate something many fans don’t get to experience often at all.  I know, i know, it’s Michigan State who we are facing, but in all fairness, they are a great team in college hockey, so they do deserve to be on this stage with us tomorrow, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  According to The Big Chill website, the current attendance record for an outside game is 74,544.  However, that’s obviously until tomorrow!  No one will be able to prepare for what’s to come, and from what I have seen, the entire stadium has been sold out.

The game starts at 3 PM EST on Saturday afternoon, 12.11.10, as everyone has been putting it around the internet as if it’s some kind of judgment day.  In fact, it truly is something to be excited about because it’s at our house!  It is something to be excited about, so all of you better be there to cheer on the Maize and Blue of the Wolverines!  Michigan leads the all-time series against MSU 131-121-18, and I think the Wolverines will pull off a close one tomorrow because it’s at home.  Michigan will be lead by Carl Hagelin and Louie Caporusso, who both lead the team in points with 16.  The entire team is actually very even points wise, so everyone contributes quite a bit.  Therefore, Jon Merril, Brandon Burlon, Matt Rust, Chris Brown, Scooter, Vaughan, David Wohlberg, Kevin Lynch, and A.J. Treais will all have to show up like they have this season.  As aforementioned, this is a huge game because of the venue, but we are always pulling for the BLUE.  Below are some pictures of the practice at the Big House, so enjoy them, and enjoy the game.  We truly do have a lot to be thankful for this month, including our hockey team.  GO BLUE, and kick some Spartan TAIL!

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