Pre-Gaming With Pat Ohio State

While the regular season comes to a close this weekend, we have a lot to be thankful for in Ann Arbor.  None other are we more thankful for more than a win last weekend, which the picture was taken by a friend of mine, Pamala Domengoni, but we have had plenty of videos to laugh about from our very own, Pat Stansik.  For those of you who may not know who Pat is, I feel bad for you son, you got 99 problems and probably turkey is now one.  Nevertheless, Pat played lacrosse for the University of Michigan last year, and graduated.  Moreover, he has been making tremendous videos all year during the home games to capture the true allure of what real life in Ann Arbor is like during those home games.  In fact, they are so popular that Underground Printing has teamed up to create some one-of-a-kind shirts for him that have been distributed already!  Don’t hesitate to pick yours up in support, and pay attention to this video if you want to be in on the action this weekend to show your face!

You can order the shirts by going here, and don’t forget to follow our favorite Pioneer on Twitter, and even like his Facebook page!

New UMGoBlog Lacrosse recruit profile feature

I made a new template to feature recruits for the U of M lacrosse team, and while it may be just for them at this moment, it will be for football as well, and other sports in the future.  We did have one for football last year, but it wasn’t used as often as we liked.  However, this is just one I did to feature one of the recruits I talked to well before he committed, which this player happens to be great friends with Erik Magnuson, a football recruit, GO BLUE, and over time I will be adding items and changing things around just to make sure our profiles look a little bit different than everyone else’s.  Football season is just around the corner, maybe someone could suggest a football recruit profile they would like to see?  I may just do it!

#1 Michigan takes on #16 Lindenwood in First round of Nationals


The #1 Michigan Wolverines are in Denver enjoying their warm welcome to the lobby of their hotel in which was strung about with Maize and Blue décor. Had to of been a great site to see, but really sets the mood for what was said early on in the season when anyone and everyone, of whom is not a Wolverine fan, said they REALLY can’t stand how Michigan has been winning every year. Therefore, the community of the MCLA wants a new winner this year, and while they respect Michigan, everyone really wants another winner, expect for us, right guys? Go Blue.

Match Up

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#1 Wolverines Lacrosse Takes On In-State Rival #6 Spartans


The #1 Michigan Wolverines will take on the #6 ranked Michigan State Spartans Lacrosse team on Saturday at 7 pm in Birmingham, Michigan. While the series is dominated by Michigan, that doesn’t mean the games, in recent past at least, haven’t been anything but exciting. Even when the Wolverines have a top team, the Spartans always seem to find a way to make it an exciting game. Both teams play in the CCLA conference, and have beaten Arizona State this season, but this biggest difference is the fact that MSU has not been consistent in their wins. In fact, last weekend MSU seemingly was overlooking the GRLC foe in Illinois, and nearly lost to them in OT, but pulled it out with a nice shot to get the win.

The Info

Michigan has the better numbers by far with scoring 193 goals for as opposed to MSU’s 152, and Michigan only allowing 65 through 12 games against top teams, with MSU allowing 113. Anyone can obviously see the difference in offense and defense between the teams, as Michigan has a much more stout defense on paper, and a much better defense on video and person as well. However, the Wolverines still have to come up and play, and the two teams, being competitive as they being so close, will play a great game. MSU has balanced attack and middie play, but the biggest element that disappointed me was the fact that I emailed the team early in the week to get some quotes from them and they didn’t even get back to me like everyone else did during the season. I don’t think this will be the only time these two will meet, but it will be a nice preview as to how the CCLA tournament will look as well, and even how the teams will look here soon. Michigan is looking very strong right now, and they have worked very hard on the basic elements of the game, but they just need to start fast, and finish hard in tough games to ensure they are always in control throughout the game. Overall, Michigan has done a good job, and they will need to limit unforced turnovers, win faceoffs, many more than last week, which I said they wouldn’t against James Stannard who is good at the X, and just continue to do what they do best, ride, transition into their offense, and find ways to make the opposition make mistakes. With all this taking into consideration, and even MSU’s win over ASU, I still think Michigan will win 14-9 with a great showing by MSU.

#1 Wolverines Lacrosse Takes On #21 Missouri


The Wolverines will be taking on the #21 Mizzou Tigers tomorrow in a game that surely will be a test, and a great baseline to judge where the program is for the Mizzou Tigers.  Michigan, coming off of a very tough weekend last weekend, playing the top two teams in the country, beating both of them, one of the games I predicted the score correctly, is going to be looking to continue their dominance.  This won’t be the first time these two programs have met, but it will be the first time they have meet in a while, with the last meeting not looking so pretty for the Tigers as they lost to Michigan 18-1 in 2005.  Nevertheless, with a revamped team, entirely from last year’s team, Mizzou will be looking to do much better against Michigan this year.  I have had the privilege of speaking with, and knowing many of the Mizzou players and Coach.  In fact, I got some comments from Captain Josh Nelson and Coach Euker:

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