2012 Big Ten Adversary Recruiting Snapshot

Early 2012 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings
1. University of Michigan Banner 8. University of Minnesota Banner
2. Ohio State University Banner 9. University of Nebraska Banner
3. University of Notre Dame Banner 10. University of Illinois Banner
4. Penn State University Banner 11. University of Iowa Banner
5. University of Wisconsin Banner 12. Purdue University Banner
6. Northwestern 3x5 Flag 13. Indiana University Banner
7. Michigan State University Banner    
Team By Team Commits:

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A Chat with Vonte Jackson

Vonte Jackson is probably the top prospect in the Badger State for the 2012 recruiting season. Michigan will probably be looking for one running back in this class and they have made Mr. Jackson a priority.

Sean O’Connell: What offers do you have so far?

Vonte Jackson: "Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan State, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan."

Sean O’Connell: When you look ahead to making your decision, what will factor in most?

Vonte Jackson: "Academics, the opportunity to get on the field,  a school that can win a championship and trust in the staff."

Sean O’Connell: So you played with Melvin Gordon for a few years, are you guys pretty tight?

Vonte Jackson: "Yes, we are good friends."

Sean O’Connell: Did you learn anything from watching him?

Vonte Jackson: "How to take on the recruiting process."

Sean O’Connell: Did you grow up a Wisconsin fan? If so, will it factor into your choice?

Vonte Jackson: "I wasn’t too much into college growing up, it was much more pro football. So it shouldn’t."

Sean O’Connell: Do you have a top 5 or 10 yet?

Vonte Jackson: "There are all pretty much even. Some may have a slight edge right now, but there are still some schools I’ve had yet to visit."

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Profile for 2012 U of M Recruit Vonte Jackson


  • Name: Vonte Jackson
  • Position: Runningback
  • Height & Weight: 6’0” 285 lbs.
  • High School: Bradford Red Devils (WI)
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