2012 Michigan Football Defensive Line Preview

Depth Chart:

Freshmen likely to redshirt: Mario Ojemudia – An ideal scenario would have Mario redshirting 100% of the time, but the staff might just have to throw him in there with Frank Clark likely being suspended for a good deal of time.

Strong DE C. Roh Nate Brink Keith Heitzman - Scout
  Craig Roh  Nathan Brink Keith Heitzman 

Freshmen likely to redshirt: Tom Strobel & Chris Wormley

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Breakout Players for Michigan in 2011

In the forum today, EvilEmpire asked everyone who would be the breakout players this season for the Michigan Football team. Here were the answers for the top 5 users that participated (by total posts):


Breakout/Surprise Player on Offense

Breakout/Surprise Player on Defense

Biggest Disappointment on Offense

Biggest Disappointment on Defense

Player We Can Ill Afford To Lose On Offense/Defense

MichFan4Life Koger Jones Shaw Woolfolk Lewan/Demens
TK23Blue Lewan Ryan RB’s Woolfolk/Roh
EvilEmpire Smith Roh O-Line Campbell Robinson/Demens
Maize927 Koger Ryan Borges Floyd Hemingway/Martin
jsj_297 Rawls Campbell Shaw Woolfolk Molk/Martin
Let us know what your answers would be or who you disagree with and why below. Go Blue!